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Week In Review – Special State Edition

Free Neville GoddardHey mate,

Welcome to The Week in Review – Special State Edition. This past week, we have explored at a whole new level of detail the Power Of States – based on the teachings of Neville Goddard.

First, we explored the Firm Foundation we need to build upon – the power of Neville’s Twin Beliefs. You need to have both of these beliefs – to fully activate and access the power of your wonderful human imagination.  Do you know what they are?  More importantly, are you using them BOTH daily?   Click Here to read Neville’s Twin Beliefs

Next, we explored THE LOOP,how people keep staying stuck in the past – and how you can exit that once and for all. From Neville’s teachings on forgiveness – Click Here to read Repentance and Contemplation

And we closed this section of the teachings with, Manifesting Naturally – Click Here. Because there is a simple method of Neville Goddards, that makes manifesting more natural. It’s a great way to stop building in stress and struggle into your desired state.

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It is a pleasure to share the path with you.  Look for our newest Neville Goddard Book coming soon.  It will be similar in format to Power Explained – because of your wonderful feedback, testimonials and comments.  Have a great day and remember to feel your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Aggie says:

    I’ve realized something during the past few weeks. Sometimes, you will need something; and that ‘something’ will require a certain amount of money. So, you try to imagine, or ‘feel yourself into’ having the money. If you do that, you may not get the money, because you are not really concentrating on the THING that you need.

    Let’s say that you need money to keep your house from going into foreclosure. So you imagine a certain amount of money in your bank account. But what you REALLY need to imagine, is your house FREE of foreclosure. The money doesn’t matter; the house FREE is what matters.

    Twice during the past few weeks, I’ve needed something; so I concentrated on having enough money to get them. The money never came – but the THINGS came along, right at the appropriate moment. I think that “God”, for want of a better word, was showing me to concentrate on the result, not on the means.

    I don’t think I’ll ever wish for money again, after this. I’ll concentrate on the end.
    Sometimes, it’s not easy to really understand what Neville is saying. It was so KNOWN by him; and though he did a wonderful job of trying to explain it, only applying it and experiencing it will ever show you the truth. Neville told Freedom Barry that “this thing unfolds”. You have to DO IT. You can’t just keep reading stuff, and think that you’ll finally get an intellectual grasp of it. You have to DO IT, and keep at it.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Great insights Aggie.

    Neville shared that “water” is symbolic for mentally understanding something. “Wine” is symbolic for spiritually acting on it – converting the knowledge into knowing by experience.

    You are turning water into wine, and that is awesome. Why Nevillize the “parts”, when you can simply go to the end.

    You are right, sometimes Neville is hard to understand, because he knows “his stuff” so well, that’s why we keep writing the articles and the books. Get the tiny bits out there that make huge changes. The hinges that are so tiny cause huge doors to swing.


    TT and V