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Week In Review – Reader Success Story – March 10, 2013

Hey mate,

The Week In Review is directly below this wonderful reader success story.  Enjoy and be blessed.

Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty & Victoria.

Well, it happened again–another manifestation as a result of feeling the wish fulfilled, just as Neville taught. This time the result was two roundtrip airline tickets to Chicago, Illinois, USA!

Here’s the story: About 3 months ago I felt led to visualize my 18-year old daughter sitting in a seat on an airplane in flight. I did so several times over a period of about 2 months, experiencing in myself the feeling she would feel if she were on a plane that was just taking off; I also kept visualizing myself looking to the right at her as she was sitting in her airline seat. Well, about 1 month after the last time I did this, she was notified by a very prestigious university that she was accepted to that they would be paying her airfare & housing to visit their campus. Wonderful fulfillment!!! I thought that was the end of that, but, nevertheless, I kept visualizing myself on the airplane seated to the left of her and looking at her.

Well, about 1 month ago my daughter & my husband began talking about how nice it would be if I could accompany her on her university visit, so that she could also tour another university she’s interested in during that same visit. I then started repeating the same scene in my mind of us both being on the airplane together several times a week, always feeling the airplane taking off and the velocity pushing our bodies backwards through its momentum (don’t know all the physics terms of what takes place when planes take off, so I can just describe the motions, not the terms). Well, this past week I went online to the airline’s website & was able to book & pay for THE SAME EXACT FLIGHT MY DAUGHTER WILL BE ON, ROUNDTRIP–even though I booked the flight several weeks after my daughter’s airfare was paid for by the university, and my airfare cost much less than the airline paid for her ticket!!!!

God is truly I AM, and I am truly in awe of The Law and The Promise. Thanks so much for your weekly updates, they truly lift my spirit and keep me focused on how reality is really created. Many blessings to you & Victoria–keep doing what you’re doing!

TAKE AWAY:  Notice, what are you doing today, to meet your miracle in the flesh?  Neville held in mind 3 miracles – getting tickets for a sold out show for his brothers, then he went and stood in line to get them, even though it was sold out – events happened while he was in line so that he got them.  Neville saw himself out of the army, and yet also filled out the forms needed to get out of the Army. In his life too, he wanted to get get divorced and remarried.  Through a strange set of events, he showed up in court, to defend his ex wife to be – and that opened up the door for her to agree to divorce him, so he could marry again.

Remember, Neville teaches to do NOTHING to make it happen, for the imagination is what “makes” it happen. But he doesn’t say “do nothing. Often, we get to do something – to meet our miracle in the flesh. Cheryl did book and pay for her flight, at a great reduced rate – after manifesting her daughter’s ticket for free. How cool is that?

Power Point:   Let your BODY (which is part of the universe – which is directed by your imagination) do what it needs to do – so you can meet your miracle in the flesh.

May you be blessed by this amazing story and lesson from a member of our community.

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Have a wonderful day feeling your ideal as real,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria



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  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for all you do. You are doing a service to mankind by putting all this information on the net. Thank you! My question is: Why has Neville Goddard’s wiki page been deleted from wiki? Again, thank you and God bless.