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Wednesday’s Speedy Success Story – iPhone Plus – Free Neville Goddard

“This wonder working power is to be used for anything you desire. It now penetrates your brain, and it is wherever you are. I know that Barbados is in the outer world, but I also know that I am all imagination. I know that God is Man and exists in us and we in Him; that the eternal body of Man is the Imagination, and that is God Himself.  So if I – imagination – enter into an image I desire to occupy, no earthly power can stop that image from becoming an objective fact.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

That quote above, is THE QUOTE that changed my life.   Feel free to write it down, feel free to read it several times, because when you get that, you will get results like what we share below.  Fast and Furious.

But first…

If there is enough interest, (leave a comment below) we’re gonna start posting up more of our personal “Speedy Success Stories”, because success leaves clues, and success like this is only possible when you Dive Deep, and Follow The Formula.

Let’s dive in.

iphoneIt was over the weekend, I was looking at iPhones.  I haven’t had a mobile phone for over 3 years, because I really don’t want people calling me, when I’m am away from the computer.

With all that in mind, I couldn’t bring myself to spend close to a $1,000 on a phone, that I just might not use all that much.

But I found that actually owing an iPhone, was a feeling I couldn’t shake.  Because I kept imagining using it to shoot quick Periscope Videos to answer questions for the site here.

Don’t Miss This:  I imagined having one, I experienced having one and using it in a way that  was good fun.  And I couldn’t SHAKE THE FEELING of owning one.

And within 12 hours, one of my best friends, puts up his brand new condition iPhone for sale on facebook – for just $175.   I texted him within 5 minutes, told him that was exactly the phone I wanted, and that I’ll take it.

So I get the phone, and to set it up, I needed a sim card for it.   And I didn’t have one.   So I jumped in my car, and drove down to the quickie mart to buy a sim card.

donutsWhile I was in line, felt a special feeling, I was imagining Victoria being excited, because I bought her some Crispy Creme donuts.   We hadn’t had them for about 9 months and…..

So I paid for my sim card ONLY, and as I turned to leave, the man behind the counter said wait, and went in the back of the store and he came back and then gave me a box of Crispy Creme donuts – free.  “Out of the blue”.

So here’s the question most people ask, “Why’s it work so easy for Mr. Twenty Twenty and not for me?”

And here’s the questions you need to ask?

  • “Am I Really Following The Formula?”  
  • “Am I really Diving Deeper into this stuff?”

Or am I making it up as I go along, insisting I am following the formula, when I’m not?

  • We know, what we share, WORKS ABSOLUTELY.  
  • We know Feeling It Real – gives 100% Rock Solid Results.

We also know, combining this with other stuff, and doing it half right – creates massive frustration.

And that’s why we have over 800 articles here for you to search through and to read.  And you have over 100 videos, and the premium products like the Power Packs and Manifesting Mastery to help you get it much faster that how we got it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 5.25.26 PMIt took us YEARS of reading all those lectures, listening to the 5 lectures on cassette tape that we could find back in the good old days before youtube, experimenting heavily..

We even started adding in what didn’t work at times (you can’t help but add in what doesn’t work, if you are studying other peoples stuff – learn from us – stop and stick with Neville), and later taking other peoples stuff back out (after being frustrated, and getting inconsistent results), to get to where we are, where we can manifest this fun and this fast.

And you can get to this level and Feel It Real much much faster than us – just dive in – dive deep and follow the formula.

You and your dreams are worth it!

Blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. fran says:

    HI TT and V,Love your success stories. thanks for sharing. very empowering!! blessings to you both. F.

  2. Carol says:

    This is really amazing. I love success stories, big and small, believable and miraculous. Thanks!

  3. N says:

    This is great! More examples would be great!

  4. Zarah says:

    Hi guys, love everything you do and bring so freely for all to share, thank you big time!

    I did the mm course, I reckon I did quite well with it, certainly enjoyed immensely what it taught me, I still check into your site daily …just don’t say that much or perhaps feel that my success stories may leave people underwhelmed, also can’t shake the feeling that it may be seen as a “look at me, look at me” kinda thing, serving more to feed my ego than spur others onto success… you can lead a horse to water etc….

    I have to admit I studied Charles Fillmore, Florence Scovel Shinn and the bible more than Neville recently, they are all saying the same really, and as big as a Neville fan I am, I believe being open minded enhances ones growth, bit like teachers at school, I had 4 different English teachers at school but only one really stood out and resonated with me hence, I learnt to think speak and even dream in English so well it now seems more natural to me than my mother tongue… I know once I reach that level of using Neville as effortlessly as my ability to communicate, I will be unstoppable!!

    Admittedly I still need to find that golden nugget inside of me that keeps me practising daily what I understand so well intellectually, I will copy down the opening paragraph of this article on my blackboard in the hallway, hoping it will get me to fully “get it”.

    I will send you a success story via email, leaving you free to decide whether it is worthy of being shared on your site, in appreciation, my best, Zarah

  5. Nancy says:

    Love the success stories! Even though we all dream of manifesting big things, I think it helps to read about manifesting the small things too, like donuts. We are probably all manifesting little things every day, but as Neville said, we forget the imaginal act that set it into motion. So reading success stories like these helps me to notice what shows up in my life and starts me thinking about when and how I set it into motion. For me, this awareness is the first step toward making “feel it real” a way of life. Thanks for sharing so generously!

  6. Liz says:

    Dear TT and V,

    Lovely article, very happy for both of you!!!, today is my birthday and I accept this manifesting miracle as my birthday gift!!!!

  7. Devashish Panchal says:

    More stories of the same kind will be most welcome!
    These success stories provide hope for all the believers like us.
    Thank You!
    Stay Blessed!

  8. Julie says:

    I Love success stories! I feel they help keep me motivated. I try to read something from your web site every day. For my birthday I got the Lamsa bible, thanks for the recommendation! And I’m ready to sign up for my next class! Thanks so much TT, V and E too!

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nice Julie!

    Real nice!

    You might want to dive into this one MetaManifesting –

    It’s GOOOD FUN!

    Looking forward to working with you again soon!

    TT and V and E tooo

  10. Nat says:

    Love it! All success stories are encouraging and enlightening. Food for the soul. Keep them coming please!

  11. yulanda says:

    Great inspiring success story. I want to be as quick as you guys at manifesting awesome things in my life.