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VitaMix Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Dear 20/20 and V,

Thank you so much for your tireless work in sharing your knowledge of Neville and his philosophy of manifesting. Neville was, and continues to be, a very special teacher and I believe that what he bequeathed to the world is priceless. In my opinion, he teaches us how to become the masters of our own destinies by showing us how to liberate ourselves from our limiting beliefs in order to embody our true, spiritual power. For this we owe him an incredible debt of gratitude.

In this vein of gratefulness, I would like to share one of my first successes in working with Neville’s technique of manifesting; I would like to tell you the story of how I manifested a top-of-the-line blender worth over $600 USD for FREE!

I work as the finance coordinator for a drop-in centre for people who have been through the mental health system. Every month our book-keeper comes in to balance our books and to issue checks for us. She and I get along quite well and we invariably end up chatting about all sorts of things. One particular month when she was in, she happened to mention that her mother had given her a practically brand new Vitamix blender and how much she was looking forward to using it. I told her that I knew someone who had one and that this person thought the world of it; I also told her that Vitamix blenders are considered top-of-the-line. After our conversation about her new blender I completely forgot all about it.

Then about a 3 weeks later, a member of our drop-in came in who was struggling with intense anxiety. My heart always goes out to anyone who are suffers from anxiety because I know how horrible this can feel so I invited her into my office to talk. She was extremely well versed in the short-comings of the conventional medical system, the dangers of medications and the importance of nutrition. I offered to give her some homeopathic remedies to help with the anxiety (my background is in homeopathic medicine), which she accepted, but most of all I just tried to listen to her and give her support. I really enjoyed the conversation we had because it’s rare to meet someone who has instinctually come to the same conclusions about health and the nature of the conventional medical model as a trained homeopath without actually being one. Well, one thing led to another and she happened to mention that she had a Vitamix blender and how much she loved it. She told me about a Youtube video that compared Vitamix to another leading brand of blender and how the Vitamix won the challenge hands-down. I eventually got around to seeing the video and after watching it I almost began to salivate every time I thought about owning one and was even prepared to buy the top model, the 750; it didn’t matter that it could easily cost $800 USD (I am a smoothie nut and can certainly appreciate a well crafted blender)!

Beyond the price, the next problem was trying to get it across the border from the States into Canada without paying the hefty duty and the honkin’ brokerage fee. A friend helped me with that by suggesting a service that acts as a mailbox for you in the States but will then reship the parcel to you via one of a list of different couriers at varying prices. Okay, so my plan was starting to seem more and more feasible but the thought of trying to figure it all out was beginning to overwhelm me. Anyway, there was a lot to think about but I had faith that things would sort themselves out in the end. At any rate, this was definitely my dreaming, desiring stage of lusting after a Vitamix blender!

Well another week passed and our book-keeper was due to come back to see us for her monthly visit. As usual we started talking and I don’t know how the topic came up but she just happened to casually ask “Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying a Vitamix blender?”!!!! “Oh my God”, I thought, “I DO, I DO!!!!” It turns out she decided not to keep the almost new blender her mother had given her and wanted it pass it along to someone who would really appreciate it. Of course I immediately told her that I would be very interested in buying it. I just wanted to know the model number and how much she was willing to charge for it; I said that they can be expensive and that I would leave it up to her to decide on a price that she was comfortable with and thought was fair. The next day she sent me a picture and the model number, I did some research (at which point I found out that this model goes for in excess of $600 USD) and I told her I was still definitely interested. She then asked me if I would like to barter for the blender and if I had anything I wanted to exchange so I suggested some Reiki sessions. She hummed and hawed a bit then said, “how about $50.00 plus a favour”; so I said, “for $50.00 I will help you bury a dead body and not ask any questions!!” (just joking!). She laughed and then we agreed on the price.

The day finally arrived when I went to pick it up. It turned out she was working at a different client’s a block from where I live. I arrived on time, chatted with her, examined the blender and then wrote her a cheque for the $50.00.

What happened next was probably the most astounding part of this story (to me anyway). After writing her the cheque for $50.00 and walking to my apartment with my bike and the blender in tow (total elapsed time less than 5 minutes), I arrived at my building, locked my bike, went in the front door, opened my mail-box and found a letter. I opened it and discovered that a friend had sent me a check for $50.00!!!! The check I received was completely unrelated to anything I have recounted so far and was totally unexpected and out of the blue (I had done a favour for this friend and she wanted to give me something in return for my act of kindness). To me getting this check in the mail was as if the Universe was saying, “Hey, you have been lusting after a Vitamix blender so here you go but remember that you completely did this on your own and you did it for FREE!! Now fill your boots and enjoy! And by the way, Neville says hello!”. Needless to say, I was blown away by chain of events and when I showed the friend I knew who first had a Vitamix blender, she said that I just bought the deluxe model!

As you say, 20/20, there is something to learn with each success story of manifesting; so, you may be wondering where Neville comes into the picture with this story. Well, I had been introduced to Neville’s work the month before and the first thing I used it to manifest was better sleep. I am a PTSD survivor and being able to sleep all night long was the first thing I used Neville’s technique on. Within no time, I had begun to sleep for 7-8 hours straight (the first time in nearly a decade) but it didn’t stop there; I was in such a state of gratitude at having been introduced to Neville and seeing that his technique worked that I felt an undeniable sense of grace and was just beaming with joy at seeing the effects of my PTSD diminish (and to paraphrase Theilhard de Chardin “Where there is joy, there is God”). So while I didn’t exactly do any Feel It Real sessions for the blender, I was certainly thinking a lot about it and each time I did in my imagination I was already tasting the incredible smoothies I was going to make with it. I think my feelings of gratitude and open faith were so infectious and heartfelt that this made up for me not doing formal sessions to manifest the blender. It also helps that one of my core beliefs is that I conceive of God as being infinite and as children of God we must also have the capacity to be infinite; we have just forgotten how to tap into this. I think that this is what Neville teaches us!

Thank you again 20/20 and V for all of your work, for your amazing site and for all of resources and encouragement that you share with us.


Jude M.
Ontario, Canada

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    Hello from France ! You’re website is very nice ! I love it !

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    Beautifully written. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Jude! I can really feel your wonderful energy coursing through your well-chosen words. Love how it can all come together.
    And as ever, thanks TT & V for fostering all of this.

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    I Love This Story. Thank you for the detailed share. Yes!