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Update: Sam’s New Neville Goddard Lifestyle

Hey mate,

Yesterday, we shared a letter we got from Sam in New Zealand, who dove in deeper and deeper and got these results within 56 days in Manifesting Mastery…

  • Sam was given $17,000 out of the blue, from a friend. I took that and invested it in venture capital for a gold mine and resource company.
  • Sam met his ‘soul-mate’ – the first woman he could see himself marrying.  Such an amazing relationship – so easy, flowing and fun.

Today, Sam shares with us the Rest of The Story, which you’ll read about after this hand selected Neville Goddard quote:

“So are you free or a slave? If you know God’s law as this gentleman does, you can be as free as the wind.”

“Just imagine a gentleman sitting at his desk contemplating doubling his income and out of nowhere a man he had seen weekly for three years, is the instrument through which this doubling occurs.”

“In spite of that he wants something more. He doesn’t want to work. So he keeps a date he made months before with a man who had just received an inheritance from an unknown relative who insists he share it with him. Then he urges upon him a check for the exact amount that he, over a period of two weeks, had removed from his unidentified envelope.”

“So he takes off and enjoys the entire summer doing nothing. Then a call comes from one he had never seen urging him to come see him and bring some of his work. The man introduces him to the man in the office that the gentleman had slipped into while sitting at his desk dreaming a dream.” – Neville Goddard

(You’ll see why we chose this one, for Sam’s Success Story!)

Hey guys,

I quit my 9-5 job today, after manifesting basically 1 years worth of salary all at once. I previously wanted to do this for such a long time! Before learning about Neville and the Manifesting Mastery course, I was stuck in that loop reacting to the ‘shadow’ external world.

Not any more.

It’s really funny – after doing feeling it real seasons for awhile around being an successful money manger – I noticed such a fun point where that desire was completely gone…

You know, that is has become completely, completely real.

So basically just want to say thanks, to Twenty, Neville, and this community. Much gratitude

Sam in New Zealand
Manifesting Mastery – Day 64

TT and V note:  Get how cool this is…..

Sam didn’t stop.   He didn’t stop with ALL THOSE WINS that he shared with us already…   He didn’t stop with getting by and getting a tiny bit more of what he want’s in life.

Sam keeps diving DEEPER, and he keeps soaring higher.

This is what happens, when you do just that, abandon all other teachings, and really dive into discovering who you really are and what is REALLY AND TRULY possible for you.


TT and V

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