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Two New Career Opportunities and More!

neville_goddard_download_out_of_this_worldHey TT and V

Ok, so things have been manifesting really speedily- two excellent career opportunities dropping into my lap without me doing anything.

Wonderful social blessings.  Lots of free things too, from muffins to my friend buying me a train ticket!

I had this belief that during my visit to Boston I would be able to manifest a money boon and literally I got three dollars for free that very same night, so thoughts are manifesting quickly.

(TT and V:  We love just manifesting “for fun”.  Follow The Formula “for fun” and watch how fast you speed up too!)

It was very helpful reading that we can speed things up again, if our contaminated state slows things down, because my love life is sort of the one area I feel was not manifesting as quickly yet.  So you can imagine that for me –   but in reality it actually may be manifesting quickly, one of my guy friends seems most eager to see me all the time.  All about perspective!

TT and V:  Notice how FAST that shifted.  Wanting to ask – then REALIZING that it’s already happening – in the most natural way!

Pearl of Great Price Week was so helpful because I realized it had to be all or nothing with my beliefs in external powers.  I’ve really gotten caught up in tools and external stuff in the past, honestly some of it I didn’t believe in but they still worked…so I’ve got a clean up list of things to pry out of my hands.  Will probably have to reread the lecture before I let go 100%.

TT and V:  This is EXACTLY why we take ONE SOLID week on Manifesting Mastery and explore Neville’s Pearl of Great Price – because if you really look at your entire life – you’ll discover that every single time you have manifested what you want – it’s because of what is in this lesson.   And if you want to ALWAYS manifest what you want – as fast as possible – BUY THE PEARL.

In reading about your friend and her bonuses and Victoria’s story about her software at work, I’ve decided I give myself permission to have a financially easy rent in New York and that it is all taken care of by the end of the day today.  So you’ll hear next week about my awesome sublease in a fabulous location!

TT AND V:  At somepoint during the course, people start succeeding wildly – after they start SURRENDERING to the state of their wish – and when they have given themselves permission to accept it.  Go Kelly go!

Thank you for this wonderful course, my life is getting fabulous and things are manifesting so much faster.  I will say particularly quickly in my love relationship life;)

Kelly – Day 42 – Manifesting Mastery

PS:   We got an update from Kelly, just ONE DAY later, when we asked if we could share here success!  Here is what she said,  “Sure!  You can add that a job interview fell into my lap with one of the biggest, prestigious funds too.  And even my love life sped up as per intention, I met a British guy walking to the subway of all places!”

TT and V:   Go Kelly Go!  This stuff works!  All you have to do is dive deeper and deeper so you can soar higher and higher!  Blessings!  Join Kelly and Us in Manifesting Mastery – Click Here


“The cornerstone on which all things are based is man’s concept of himself. He acts as he does and has the experiences that he does, because his concept of himself is what it is, and for no other reason.”

“Had he a different concept of self, he would act differently. A change of concept of self automatically alters his future: and a change in any term of his future series of experiences reciprocally alters his concept of self.” – Neville Goddard Quote

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