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Today I got $31,000 above my asking price. – Neville Goddard Success Story

“Start now to create the scene which, if true, would imply the fulfillment of your desire. If you will, there is no power that can stop its coming into being; because your Lord is your Father, who is your potter, and your desire is clay in His hand. ” – Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,mirror

A quick update, I am on lesson 67 in Manifesting Mastery and feeling over the moon with excitement.

To back track just a little, I purchased your “Feel it Real Pack” a little while ago. I have had reasonable good luck with this.

When I manifested a trip to Bora Bora earlier this year, I promised myself that I would purchase the “Manifesting Mastery Pack”. I was determined to take this to the next level and this is exactly what has happened.

Apart from huge synchronicity’s appearing in my life (which I have mentioned to you before), today really took on a new high in my manifesting.

For a few years now, I have tried to sell a property which had proven to be a little difficult to say the least. My feel it real sessions were about hugging the agent and saying Ï knew you would sell this property way above my asking price!” Well, she did.

Today I got $31,000 above my asking price. Oh yeah!!

My husband and I have been high fiving each other all afternoon (the second step in my feel it real session) and have just had a special lunch to celebrate.

I have loved every step of this journey with you both. Not only am I improving my manifesting but my creativity and mood have also improved dramatically.

feel_it_real_escape_limitations_neville_goddardI seem to be in the “Zone” constantly. Decorating my home is one of my passions and at the moment I am finding items which for years I could not find. It seems like I walk into the right shop or get the right email for what I need. Life is effortless and flowing beautifully.

Well on to me next manifestation, I am so excited……

Thank you so much, I cannot appreciate you enough and all the great work you do. Looking forward to the next 20 odd days.

Sue from Manifesting Mastery

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“There is no stopping the man who can think from the end. Nothing can stop him. He creates the means and grows his way out of limitation into ever greater and greater mansions of the Lord.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Angel Light says:

    Wonder how long she did the FIR sessions for this particular desire of selling the house above asking price… (how long a period)…

    I find it hard to sustain a celebrative FIR session (of the exciting moment of hi-riving, celebration, etc.) for longer periods of time… It’s OK for a couple weeks or so… but no matter how great they feel (or even if how real they may feel) it’s hard to keep a hi-5, celebration scene for much long… I end up wanting to find a new scene… but after having hi-5’ed and celebrated (a fulfilled wish) nothing else seems to be as exciting and enticing to do anymore…

    What do you guys suggest to keep one going in such a case?


  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Angel,

    Great question. Remember, it doesn’t matter how long, what matters is living from state it is done. Might be one session, or 100 (if your state gets contaminated). We never know.

    And if any “celebration” becomes “stale”, move into the future. Long after the wedding and it’s celebration, the lovely marriage continues. Long after landing the client or getting the job – the career is still enjoyed.


    TT and V

  3. Sue says:

    Hi Angel,

    This took 2 weeks which is also why I am so overwhelmed. I never expected this to happen so quickly.

    In my other FIR sessions, I used clinking of champagne glasses, kissing my husband or even a huge hug, as with the agent. I have also changed who I share the happy ending with. I change scenes to different times of my life and with different people, eg. husband, daughter, son or other friends and family. Whatever gets me going.

    I love to do my FIR sessions when I feel happy as my vibration is very high then. Usually I can do this after listening to music I love or reading something inspirational. I have a collection of LOA books next to my bed just for this purpose.

    If you did buy the Feel it real pack, TT has a great recording of a short session which guides you to a happy place. well worth it.

    I wish you all the best, it will get easier with time.
    Lots of blessings to you.