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This Is How It’s Done – Neville Goddard Success Story

Dear TT and V,

I thought you might like this story:

As you know I’ve been concerned about my loan until I just began to trust that it was paid. For fun, I was imagining it disappearing due to a computer error.

Today, I got a few voice-mails and emails from the student loan company asking me to contact them ASAP to arrange payment. I called them and guess what? The lady I talked to said, “What is your social security number? For some reason your file is not showing up.” I told her and it came up. Partway through the call, “Wait, your file disappeared again.” We finally got a payment arrangement set up.

Then, my landlady said to me, yesterday, “Will you be around tomorrow? My daughter has some good news for you.”

stonesI had been imagining my having this apartment all to myself, that my landlady had to move back to the D.R. and decided to leave the apartment to me. Then i would stay here until I got my new condo in the sky.

Well, the daughter called today and said, “I have an apartment for you in the Bronx. My sister had to move to CT so you will have it all to yourself. It is $150 a week.” It is the EXACT price I am paying now. Then, get this she says, “My mom says you are a good person and wants you to have the apartment because she knows you need a quiet place and rest early in the morning.” WOW!

Then I was giving a piano lesson today. This kid is very smart and loves music, but hasn’t applied himself. I said, “I am going to guess that maybe you give up early when you are practicing and figure I’ll come along and tell you what to do?” He said, “yes, kinda”.

We talked a while about taking responsibility for your own learning and things like that. Then I said, “NOW LET ME HEAR YOU SAY I CAN PLAY THIS!” and he screamed, “I CAN PLAY THIS!!!” We did this three times. Then I had him play it and BAM, he played the passage flawlessly.

His sister did very well, too, after months of my feeling like I was pulling teeth to get her to open up and sing full voice she finally did. I talked to her about “I am” as they are a religious family and how saying “I am” is very powerful and how it is one of the names of God.

It was an amazing day and the things that really got me was the computer glitch and the apartment. Wow!

Thank you and many blessings to you both!

Paul in Manifesting Mastery – Day 54

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Dear TT and V,

Thank you, again, for the Manifesting Mastery course.

I began my journey by just listening to Neville lectures on the web. I learned a lot from them, but could not figure out how to do things like live in the state of the wish fulfilled and had to discover a lot of personal blocks that were preventing me from manifesting what I wanted.

What your course taught me, that I don’t think I could have figured out strictly from the Neville Goddard recordings online, is how to get out of my own way. I learned how I was manifesting anxiety by being anxious. I learned that I was blocking money from coming in because I had negative beliefs about money. I learned that I was stopping a relationship from developing because I had anxieties about it.

Those are all fizzled or mostly fizzled away now. My client list is growing and my business is expanding by leaps and bounds. I teach my clients imagination work, too, so they can enhance their own lives. As they learn their music or speech lessons, I give them imagination assignments.

I’m 2/3 of the way through and have manifested a new apartment, new sources of income, new social relationships and improved old ones, and all sorts of other miscellaneous fun things. I’ve manifested better health for loved ones and myself, and even am seeing changes in the world towards greater peace and prosperity for all hat I have wished to see since I was a youth. I have also rediscovered my “I can do it!” attitude that I had when I was a young boy: the one that taught me how to walk and how to roller skate in a week.

Anyway, thank you again. It’s been a really exciting 60 days and I am looking forward to the final 30 of this course.

Many blessings to you both!


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