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This Brought Tears To My Eyes – Success Story – Neville Goddard

Free Neville GoddardGood morning mate!

A Huge Big Thank you to you and Victoria.

The 90 day Manifesting Mastery course is Amazing. I just finished up week two and the insights and little changes are becoming more noticeable in my daily life.

To quote what you said in lesson 14, “A big part of manifesting is bringing the power back home.” So very true. I never fully appreciated how much of my power i was giving away in each moment. I`m seeing now how these lessons are designed to bring that awareness back to us. ( Big smile on my face )

The biggest lesson i learned this week, and it brought tears to my eyes, was how i was trying to” Influence” others into loving me instead of “Inviting” them to experience love with me. WOW!! What a powerful experience and worth 10 times the investment i have made into this course.

When i was trying to Influence them into loving me, i noticed the meaning i was giving to their facial expressions, body language and tone of voice, and would adjust my Influence accordingly to get the feeling i wanted, because i never felt love within myself. Now i INVITE people to experience love with me, Without attachment!!! Talk about Freedom.

A small shift in perception and understanding makes all the difference. Now i see you smiling as you know i am getting this. haha.

I am beyond grateful to both you Twenty Twenty, and Victoria for the amaaaaazing, and loving service you share with the world.

Peace and Joy
Patrick Mcmillan

As always, you have my blessings in sharing this email.

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