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Are You Making The Sacrifice? – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

If you feel like you are struggling with Feel It Real, often it’s because you aren’t making the SACRIFICE that Neville says we all have to do – and are instead sacrificing part of your dream.

Let’s dive in with the words of Neville – so you can start feeling better about your imaginal work – and so you can rest in the KNOWING that “it is a done deal”.

“The only sacrifice you are called upon to make, is to give up your present concept of self and appropriate the desire you want to express.” – Neville Goddard.

Free Neville GoddardWhen I was struggling financially, I wanted MONEY. I wanted a LOT OF MONEY – so that life would be better. I did what most people do – I made a vision board of all the kool stuff I wanted – but it seemed only to remind me that I didn’t yet have it.

I also started thinking off all the good “my money” would do in the world – because on some level – I thought God would give me the money – so I could do good.

  • But then, I realized that I was putting the power to do good in “the money” and I was actually being a bit cheeky – bargaining with god. “Give me the money – and I’ll do good with it.”

At some point, I got tired of all that – and turned again to the wisdom of Neville. While reading and opening up to guidance – I came across today’s  quote:

“The only sacrifice you are called upon to make, is to give up your present concept of self and appropriate the desire you want to express.” – Neville Goddard.

This  was a true lightbulb moment.  I was doing everything I thought was right at the time, but I realized that I wasn’t sacrificing “the old me” – the limited me when it came to money. I wanted my circumstances to change – while wanting my concept of “me” to stay the same.

So I asked myself – how would I approach what I was doing TODAY – if I was truly wealthy?

(If you want a perfect example of this, read about my life changing moment with my multimillionaire friend Edwin – Click Here

I learned that it wasn’t about me being “positive” about money, it was about me being truly “powerful” in my thinking – about money – about me – about what I was doing in every moment.  And it was about me, waking up to where the power actually is, where it’s always been, and that is within.

Remember the story about me reading Think and Grow Rich, and being embarrassed about it – because that is what poor people do?

And then there was my old buddy Edwin, the big money millionaire.  Reading the same book, not giving a care in the world if anybody knew.   Same book, same goal (create more wealth in the world) – but “the old me” made it an embarrassing struggle back then.

Bury the old you, embrace the new you.   And you will find – you’ll be feeling it real all day long, easily – effortlessly – and your world will transform right before your eyes.  This stuff works all you have to do is make the only sacrifice Neville says you need to make, and dive in deep – Follow The Formula – Click Here

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria



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  1. beth says:

    Hi, any suggestions, on bury the old me, and bring on the new me…


  2. Paula says:

    Awesome! I really needed this one today!