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The Neville Goddard Mastermind – Why do I so easily manifest the negative?

“Why do have I so easily manifested the negative in my life – and why is manifesting what I want so frustrating?”

If you have wondered why sometimes it is so easy to manifest the negative, and why it just doesn’t seem to work that easy with what you want the free recording below is going to rock your world.

Because, that’s the riddle we solved in the December – Neville Goddard Mastermind.

Here is how it began.

We noticed three groups of people you are going to learn about, that once they learn Neville’s methods, they quickly and easily manifest what they choose, much more quickly and easily than most people, even those who have been trying hard for YEARS.  We decided to peek under the hood at what was going on inside their mind – to see if you could duplicate their results.   Good news, you can.

Imagine this.

Some people seem to have learned a way of imagining fearful stuff EFFECTIVELY, and for some reason – they use a different way of imagining what they actually want in life. So they imagine and create negatives easily, and remain frustrated about what they want. If you suspect this is may have been happening to you, you are going to learn how change that quickly, so that you easily manifest what you choose in life – and STOP manifesting what you fear.)

Listen and learn the first 2 steps NOW freeThe first 12 minutes of the December Mastermind – Click here.

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5 Comments on "The Neville Goddard Mastermind – Why do I so easily manifest the negative?"

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  1. elena says:

    Hi, It is a couple of years that I am learning to visualize, and feel things I want to manifest in my life, and to tell the truth (sorry for my bad english, I am italian) I think that I have manifested something………..I think!!!! or probably what I have manifested was just a part of my life (in other words these things had to happen!!!) In this doubt I am stopped, because I am not able to manifest a big and important meeting with a person who I love with all my heart……….probably I want it disperately, or probably I am too much attachment……….help me, I am in love with this person, I feel that he is too, but is something that I am not able to manifest!!!!

    I have visualized my new office, and I have manifested it!!!!

    Please help me……….

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Elena,

    Neville shares several thoughts that fit in with your comment, you will find in recent articles on the website. (We aren’t posting particular links, feel free to use the search bar, and allow “spirit” to take you to the exact pages that will bless you. We see you finding them, in the order you need them.)

    You mentioned thinking that “it probably would have happened anyway” – to good circumstance that you have manifested. Just dismiss that thought, and realize you are one with God – and know that you have created the good in your life. Embrace the power of love that you are.

    Second, attachment. One of the ways Neville talks about attachment is NOT attachment to results – remember – results are inevitable – but attachment to HOW it is going to happen, or “when it will happen” – that is how attachment gets in the way. Realize that what you want is love – the kind of love that you feel with that particular person. And walk in the FAITH that you are and have that love now.

    Let us know if that makes sense and helps, and comment ANYTIME.

    In love and light,

    TT and V

  3. dave says:

    Hi TT and V,

    Well put, we are all manifesting big, little, good, bad. The key is to recognize that you are the source and can determine anything by first imagining and then a congratulatory scene on the result, with the thanks.It’s all grace! The world is your oyster, find your pearl in every one you explore. Sending blessing and love to all.


  4. Angel Light says:

    The magnifying the size of your ideal so resonated with me… Thank-you for this reminder-tip! I know I used it without knowing in the past and it clicked into place for me immediately as soon as I read it… Merci beaucoup TT & V! xxoo

  5. Matt says:

    One thing that so often makes it easier to manifest one’s fears is that often people also implement what I call Neville’s “key”, that being feeling the state fulfilled. I used to do this to myself and often. One ting I had made the mistake of doing, and thus learned about this, was to often think what it would be like if a negative had happened, for example, a girlfriend cheating on me. You might notice that this is doing what Neville teaches, only from the entirely opposite and wrong state rather than the one actually desired. When doing this I would literally feel the hurt and jealousy and anger that many have felt when that thing happened to them. Doing that caused me to very quickly manifest that state, and what was once not a true thing, became manifested simply because I actually felt what that would be like. In a situation such as that imagining, one hurts, and that IS of course a very strong feeling, as well as any jealousy, depression and anger that so often accompanies that situation. The very strength of feeling it that realistically brought all of the named negative emotions to bear on me, as well as a degree of fear that it might one day happen.

    I agree with what you have listed above, however I have also noticed that holding that fear can make it become rather intense and thereby even more realistic. If one persists in that thought and feeling, it will obviously, and according to Neville’s method, cause it to manifest quickly. Continuing that is also another form of attachment to the wrong state.

    One must learn to discern what it is they are thinking, feeling and with that, doing, so as to always keep the habitual thought forms be ones that are desired as opposed to the worst case scenario. Anyone who, like me, does that unknowingly, will inevitably bring things into their life that are undesired. Discernment and self-control become necessities to avoid doing that. Fear is a thing that has no positive use, and is best eliminated from the pattern of thought.

    This is my take on one aspect of Neville’s teachings concerning manifesting the negative. Because of the strong feelings they can create, they for that same reason speed the manifestation of that thing that is undesired.

    Thanks for all that you do Mr. TT and Victoria!