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The Neville Goddard Experiment – Part 2 – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Several days ago – we introduced The Nevillle Goddard Experiment – and that article has generated more amazing feedback that we even imagined. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you do by clicking the link above.

Today we are going to take it a tiny step further and share a Neville Goddard story that fits in perfectly with it – and why it is so powerful to do stuff like this as you Master Manifesting.

Let’s dive in:

judy_tree“Do this–just imagine yourself the center through which water radiates and everyone in this world is rooted in me and ends in me as I am rooted in and end in God: so I am in God’s garden, it’s Eden, but in God’s garden every man in the world has a plot, a little garden. In that garden there are trees that grow, you can see them; if I look at this man now and inwardly look at his plot in my garden I will see the trees, some will be called health, some I call wealth, the tree of dignity, the tree of nobility, the tree of being wanted–they may be withered, they will never really die but they may be withered, they are in need of water.

Just imagine that you are watering that plant and see in your mind’s eye the leaves appear on what formerly was a barren plant. See the fruit appear and wherever he is in the world as you water his garden, which really is your own garden, as you water it he will embody the very qualities that the tree is now beginning to bear and radiate.

You name the tree; whatever you name it, that it is: and you name this one if you know he is unwanted: he wants to be wanted. You name it and let the water flow towards it. Imagine it’s growing healthily in that garden and see it put out its leaves and see it put out its fruit. Wherever he is in the world he will begin to be wanted by people in his world. If he is unemployed, it’s a tree of employment and see it radiate its leaves and radiate its fruit; he will be wanted and he will be gainfully employed.

I tell you this is not just an idle statement, everyone here can do it and everyone should do it, and when ever you water the tree in anyone’s garden at the same time you are watering your own garden in the eternal one of God.” – Neville Goddard

Today’s Take Away:   On a moment by moment basis, notice…   Are you cursing others or are you blessing others? When ever you water the tree in ANYONE’S garden, you are at the same time watering your own garden.   Anytime you imagine wealth, happiness, health for another – you are feed that exact same TREE in your garden.   And any time you curse another – you are witholding from them – and you – the live giving waters.


“Always use your imagination lovingly for yourself and others, for everyone in the world is yourself anyway, as there is nothing but self!” – Neville Goddard

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Dave says:

    What a wonderful article and great gift for the New Year! Thanks so much for sharing this one.

  2. John says:

    This year,2014,my year of lovingly using my imagination;of blessing all.

  3. Paula says:

    Powerful and life changing!