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The Neville Goddard Experiment – Part 1 – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

To make 2014 your best year ever – we invite you to join us in an easy to do life changing experiment.   Before we dive in – let’s read these words of Neville:

“Hearing the words so clearly, I realized they had great significance, so I began to search out the symbolism of the pig and found it to mean the Everlasting Sustainer of the world. I had found my imagination to be Christ Jesus, but I had not fed him well. I had neglected to exercise my imagination when the opportunity arose.”

“Every day presents an opportunity for me to take my imagination and use it lovingly on behalf of others. If I hear people call in distress and do nothing about it I am not feeding my pig. If I want something and do not exercise my imagination towards its fulfillment my pig goes hungry. Having heard that whatsoever I desire I will have if I believe I have received it, and knowing it came from Jesus Christ who is my own wonderful human imagination, and yet not doing it, I am not feeding my pig.”

“It was tall and rangy, but he should have been much fatter; however he had survived in spite of my neglect. So I can say to my friend: when the door opened and the pig came out, you saw the symbol of the Everlasting Sustainer of the world. Now you have proved to your own satisfaction that imagination creates reality, for you said that what you did in the silence came to pass in a very short interval of time.” – Neville Goddard

So today – we invite you to “feed your pig” – to focus and strengthen your imagination to the MAX so you truly live more and more in the world you have dreamed about.

Neville gives us three ways to do that in today’s lesson:

  • When you hear people calling in distress – imagine lovingly for them.
  • If you want something in your life – imagine lovingly for you.
  • Believe you already have in your life what you want – and KNOW that it came to you through your wonderful imagination.

The Neville Goddard Experiment and Today’s Take Away:   Let’s use Neville’s first method – imagine lovingly for another – because for many – that is a great way to build up your imaginal power – because you aren’t caught up in getting results.

Think about this.   This particular article will be quickly read by several thousand readers like you.  Many of them – like you – have needs – have changes they want to have happen in their world.   We request that you imagine someone – somewhere – getting exactly what they want in life.

You don’t need to know their name, their location, you don’t even need to know what they want.   Just close your eyes, enter into the State Akin To Sleep – and imagine how happy you are as you read their testimonial here.

Remember, you don’t have to hear people calling in distress with your physical ears.   Because there is ONE GOD – one wonderful human imagination, you can hear them in your imagination.  For example, if you close your eyes and “for some reason” begin to imagine a man in his 80’s, being wonderfully happy because he is healthy again, and imagine reading his testimonial – you are giving to him.  

What made you imagine that specific scene, that specific person?  On some level – the level of the ONE imagination – he was imagining this and maybe feeling like he needed help.  And at that same level of ONE imagination – you are “inspired” to hold that in mind for him – as delightfully done.

Side note:   We notice that the people in our coaching programs who both follow the program and who email us as requested – tend to get some really amazing results.   One reason why is they are following the program.  Another reason why is because when you email us – we get  to know you – and we also have more reminders (each email is a reminder for us) to hold wonderful miracles in mind for you.

So that’s it for today,   enjoy the experiment – feel free to even post what you were inspired to imagine below – because it just might be “the proof” someone needs to know how amazing and how wonderful this truly is.

Many Blessings,

TT and V

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23 Comments on "The Neville Goddard Experiment – Part 1 – Free Neville Goddard"

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  1. Conni Laine says:

    love the post Twenty…thank you, Conni

  2. Lois Ademola says:

    I just fed mine! I imagined for a family, saw them in their new house. Heard their kids giggling and laughing as they ran around the yard.

  3. John Gilmore says:

    I saw a person who has been jobless celebrating their first paycheck with family and friends.

  4. Caffi Pittman Kirk says:

    That will be me soon! And so it is . . . .

  5. havushe says:

    I really like this post Mr.Twenty. I recently came across your website and I became a member because I used to read Neville’s books. For some unknown reason at that time I thought I bought Neville’s book online but when I really looked at the cover it was “IMAGINE Neville Goddard SIMPLIFIED BY Twenty Twenty”. This book led me toward your website and I liked the way you simplify and break down into simple steps Neville’s methods.
    Even when reading his books I couldn’t understand how to go about imagining what I want, how to do it? Until I started to watch your videos and read your posts and even buying your action packs I am starting to understand now Neville’s teaching through you. I have a long way to go but I am grateful that I came across your website.
    Thank you,havushe

  6. Nat says:

    I saw a very happy elderly gentleman leaving a hospital accompanied by family he had not seen for a long time, and returning to the peace of his library where he sat drinking tea.

    I saw a young dark-haired girl entralled with a new quality flute which she had just received as a present, playing it beautifully.

  7. zannierose says:

    imagine my neighbour happily enjoying the Energy Medicine postures I shared with the coffee group the other day- big smile on her face when she realises how supple her shoulders are now.

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Zannierose!

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Nat. Many blessings.

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Wonderful Havushe!

    It’s great having you here, all divine timing and divine plan.

  11. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    Thank you John.

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent Lois.

    Let’s do it again and again!

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Blessings Connie!

    Thank you!

  15. Priya says:

    I imagined all my friends living a fun, fabulous and easy life making lots of money and living with the person they love!! I imagined them living in beautiful houses with beautiful gardens and lots of sunlight! I imagined them loving their jobs and having a fun time with family and friends!!

  16. Bella says:

    Hello Mr. TT,

    I just wonder if anyone would like me to imagine them in receiving their wishes? It would be great if anyone could tell me a little bit of detail about it. For example is they would like to get a job, i could help them imagining read their testimonial about how this works for them and they finally find a job.

    In return i would ask the same thing about me.

    Thank you,

  17. I just imagined a person who made several big sales in their business. I can hear their excitement as they realize that they don't have to give up their dream.

  18. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Bella.


    TT and V

  19. Kat says:

    I had a very powerful experience. I saw a woman who was either 42 or 42 years old. She has dark hair and has medium to darker skin. I see her in her house where she just received word via phone that she has gotten the job! They chose her. She does a little leap in the air — she really needed this job.(It will enable her to help someone in her family and get her on track with her own financial goals.) And then she immediately goes to a slender table against a wall where she has created a makeshift altar/shrine and prays her thankfulness and gratitude.

  20. Paula says:

    Thank you! It’s me!

  21. Paula says:

    Wow! I am a little late getting in on this, but I am just blown away! Always a Neville fan, I have only recently really discovered the unlimited power of my human imagination. And I want to tell everyone here there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have! Imagine that it is, and it is! Thanks, Mr. Twenty-Twenty, for continuing Neville’s message!

  22. Denis O'Brien says:

    I saw a young man get engaged in his schoolwork at last and begin his transition to manhood. I see the smile and feel the hope.

  23. Dawn says:

    a young couple on their wedding day. Deeply in love, happy, bright and committed to living a “conscious” life together. Everyone around them celebrating – seeing them with joyful smiles on their faces. Feeling the sweetness of a union they both longed for.