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The Greatest Investment – Amazing Double Testimonial – Free Neville Goddard

“Knowing that any time that we exercise our imagination lovingly on behalf of another, we are actually and literally mediating God to man. So we can sit quietly in the darkness and simply listen as though we heard the good report that we want to hear. We look into the darkness and imagine we are seeing what we want to see. This is then investing this two minutes; we have taken the moments that go to make up two minutes and really are investing it now. So when I take the chair and the lights are lowered let us listen and let us look as though we are hearing and seeing what we want to hear and see. And we are actually fulfilling the command of that wonderful voice that spoke to my wife when it said to her, “You must stop spending your time, your thought, and your money. For everything in life must be an investment.” Let these two minutes be your greatest investment.” – Neville Goddard

Dear TT and Victoria,

I just wanted to update you on how I was doing with the Prosperity Pack and your other materials.

I just started with the lessons in the pack but have been reading your website for about two months. It’s really been a life changer. I’ve been doing feel it real sessions at least twice a day and they have been getting easier as the days go by.

NOTE #1: It’s one thing to say you believe “Imagining Creates Reality”. It’s another thing entirely to LIVE by that truth. If you are doing your daily sessions, using Revision, and Following The Formula – it gets easier and easier – because you are LIVING YOUR TRUTH. Good one!

I do want to tell you about two different things that manifested today. Both involve what I have been feeling it real for other people.

First manifestation involves my sister. She suffers from chronic pain in her body due to a car accident many years ago. She has difficulty moving and walks with a pronounced limp. To relieve the pain in her back and numbness in her leg, she was to get a series of epidurals in her back. She was scheduled for one on July 25th. However, a few days before, she got a letter in the mail from the insurance company stating that they would not cover the cost. She showed me the letter just as I was sitting outside reading one of Neville’s lectures.

Needless to say, she was in a panic. I took the letter and while sitting with it in hand, I closed my eyes and imagined that the letter said the procedure was approved. I sat with it until I was persuaded that was what the letter said. Meanwhile, she was so discouraged that she wasn’t going to get the procedure. She walked around talking about it constantly for days. I just reversed her conversation every time she mentioned it to me and held onto the assumption that she was getting it. (Mind you I never put a date on it).Well, the day before, on July 24th, the doctor’s office called to say that the insurance company had made a mistake and she would get the procedure, fully covered by insurance. Although it couldn’t happen the next day as scheduled. Well, she had her procedure TODAY!! She’s already feeling better.

NOTE #2:   Immediate Action rules.    Notice there wasn’t any waiting till later, when at home, when no one would know.   When you can, DO IT NOW.   This stops the “lack” from spreading, and starts sowing the seeds for success.)

The second manifestation involves a friend who wanted a second job teaching at a local college to help pay her daughter’s private school tuition. She works for me, as my law clerk, so I imagined me congratulating her on getting a job as a adjunct professor and calling her “Professor H.”. She had the first interview and was waiting for a second interview with the Dean of the college. Two weeks ago, the human resources dept sent her forms to complete for the payroll. I assumed she had the job but she would not accept that fact because she didn’t have the second interview. I congratulated her anyway and called her Professor H. every time I could. TODAY she came into the office all excited because she got the job. I lovingly thought “duh” I knew that weeks ago!!! I am so happy for her.

NOTE #3:  When someone you love wants something, but can’t assume the state of the wish fulfilled for themselves – do it for them.   Anytime you Feel It Real lovingly for another, you are creating lovingly in your own life as well.  Ever notice those who complain about others all the time, aren’t happy?  And they leave a trail of other people, complaining about them?  It’s the same with Feeling It Real lovingly.   Blessing others by feeling it real for them – blesses you.    So go for it!

Holding loving thoughts in mind for you,

L. G.

(We got this update 2 hours later…) PS: This day keeps getting better. I just got a voicemail from my sister saying the EXACT words I heard her say in my feel it real scene. She says ” Good morning. I feel great!!!”

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  1. Daisy Boo says:

    Yes Great'

  2. Gail Moe says:

    Love this! Thank you so much for sharing your stories 🙂

  3. lisa says:

    THAT was a fantastic series of inspirational sharings. Thank you. I often have days like that where…. the miracles, the evidences…are just stacked like that. Exactly so.

    Then the practice is to fully fully remember them when…I have an off day, a difficult moment, a sad conversation.

    Today, I had severe back pain from moving boxes, and I was unable to reverse it on my own. Had a few pitifully awful emails and calls…. And I knew to stop. Shift it RIGHT NOW.

    At that very second my friend sent me a skype and asked how I was – and when I replied she immediately did remote work on my body. Just did it for me ( – fellow Neville friend!)I took a hot bath – and went on to have one of the more successful and easy days in business and life.

    So there is a skill to recognizing when they aren’t stacked like that for us, take a break and RE-MIND, literally, ourselves – with every tool TT and V share with us from Neville.

    And then the evidence appears unhindered.

    Thanks for the great great share. TT – thanks for a terrific place for the high level exchange.

  4. requin says:

    There is nothing more encouraging than success stories. Thanks for sharing this, TT and V, and also thank you to Lisa for sharing your story.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Requin!