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The Flip Side Of Neville Goddard

DSCF3052Hey mate,

Today you are going to learn the FLIP SIDE side of Neville Goddard and how that fits into manifesting the world of your dreams.

The side we usually focus on is obvious – whee we explore what it takes to do an effective Feel It Real session and how to Live From the State of the wish fulfilled.

The FLIP SIDE is all about you – AWAKENING TO THE DEEPER YOU. Let’s dive into the words of Neville and explore the deeper you.

“But if I go deeper into my own being, I will be ever closer to the core of my being who is God. Then my imaginative act becomes externalized. Quickly externalized as I go deeper and deeper. On the surface it seems to take a interval of time. If I believe. If I don’t believe, it never comes into some external form at all. Never.”Neville Goddard – Our Real Beliefs

What does Neville mean, when it comes “going deeper into my own being”?

When you have a desire, the deeper you, who men call God, is speaking. He urges you, through the language of desire, to accept that which is not that which is to be! Desire is simply his communion with you, telling you that your desire is yours, now! Your acceptance of this fact is proved by your complete adjustment to it as though it were true.” – Neville Goddard 

The more you get that you are the DEEPER BEING, the more your fun and fulfilling manifesting become.  God is NOT the 3 dimensional you you can see through your physical eyes – the body – or it’s history.   God is the YOU that lives through the 3d body – that gets to experience your daily life – the creations and the challenges both.   You are the deeper you that gets to awaken in “you” – as you – the one who conceives of and creates miracles.

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:   Follow the Feel It Real Formula – EVERY SINGLE DAY – walk form the state of the wish fulfilled.   And keep doing what it takes to NOTICE that you are the Deeper You – the one that lives through the body – the one that creates his circumstance and his world.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  We have shared several wonderful reports from clients finishing their first week in the program – click this link to read them – Manifesting Mastery – Updated – Click Here



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  1. Dear TT&V,
    Everyday as I start my day, I thank Neville, and both of you, and feel grateful for this life experience.
    I believe I am going to write someday very soon something so wonderful to you!

  2. lisa says:

    Yes new friend – so too do I.
    This gets better and better and better. Thank you from my heart TT and V and E.

    EVERY Single day.