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The First Cure According To Neville is? Free Neville Goddard

Free Neville Goddard Potter's HouseHey mate,

Sometimes your past can be experienced as a challenge.   Neville shares a great story where an adult woman suffered her whole life with a bad back, because as a child, she remembered a nasty fall – on that changed her life.   What she did AFTER seeking a lifetime of cures on the outside – was she experimented.  She turned to the wonderful human imagination – revised the scene again and again until she didn’t have the fall – and instead landed beautifully on her feet.  And she ended the scene with her showing her mother AGAIN how amazingly well she could land on her feet.   And after that – her back pain “mysteriously” went away.  This all happens because…

“The first act of correction or cure is always “Revise.” If the past can be recreated into the present, so can the revised past. And thus the Revised Past appears within the very heart of her present life; not Fate but a revised past brought her good fortune.”- Neville Goddard

Did others still remember her fall as a child?  I am sure they did.  Did it matter, not one bit.  Did her beautiful landing REALLY happen?  The answer is yes, it happened where the power of reality really is – the reality that matters most.  It actually happened in imagination.

Neville shares…

“Only by this process of experiment can you realize the potential power of your awakened and controlled imagination.”

Remember, your job is to control your imagination – to prune the vine.   Your job is to reshape the vessel.   Your job is to use your talents wisely – and create the PAST that you wish to live from.

BONUS POINTS:  Did you notice not only did she recreate what she did in “the incident”, she also brought the energy of her Mother into it – by changing what happened after it – with her Mom.   Anytime you weave in the energy of a seeming other – your results AMPLIFY. (We love exploring these tiny bits with our members – because they make such a huge difference for you.)

And all you need is to Follow The Formula.

Are you following the formula fully today?   That’s the choice we all get to make.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Heyu says:

    What do you do when you do not have conscious memory of an event that has a negative impact on your life.

  2. Don says:

    It is your imagination. Use it to create whatever YOU REALLY WANT.

  3. Don says:

    Put it this way: How do you know that an (unconscious) event even happened? Is it possible that you have imagined some event? Just imagineyour life as yhou want to be.