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The Candid Creation Package

“I was facing a pretty grim diagnosis from my doctor, when I decided to use Feel It Real to take control of my health, healing and my body. What you are getting below is a very candid peek behind the scenes or “under the hood” a real life healing and transformation – happening while you listen.” – Mr Twenty Twenty


UPDATE:  My original diagnosis was based on blood pressure readings of 155/112.   (That’s shockingly high.)   Today – July 23 – my readings are 114/77.    Whoo yah!

“In the Candid Creation Recordings, Mr Twenty Twenty shares EVERYTHING that is going on in his mind and in his life – as he takes a real life crises – and uses his imagination to recreate his world.”

NOTE:   Don’t order this package – unless you already have either the Free Neville books Power and Freedom – or the Feel It Real Power Pack.

Because you will learn TONS, while he is Candidly Creating with you in the room with him. Avoiding the traps that show up, – using Feeling It Real to eliminate high blood pressure in his life.  Having the rock solid foundations of Feel It Real from the other packages, will only make your experience of these Candid Creation Recordings much more powerful and effective.

In Candid Creation you are getting:

  • Candid Creation #1 – True Creative Power.   What is it that you really want?  How can you truly identify this?  (Do this step successfully, and your imaginal power will truly soar.  Or if you do what most people do – you will stress and struggle.)  (Write out the questions in this recording, they will change your life.)
  • Candid Creation #2 – Imagining Doubt and why many people don’t respond to therapy or positive input of any kind as quickly or completely as they want to.  (It is amazing how sneaky and creative we can “doubt” what we want, and block our blessings.)
  • Candid Creation #3 – Fraud – Fake – Liar.    This recording explores the very subtle and universal fears and programming that we see just about everyday blocking someone’s blessings.  Once you hear “fraud – fake – liar” you will notice how much these three have run and attempted to ruin all your life.
  • The St. Augustine Meditation – How we apply three tiny phrases of St. Augustine’s to every session we have – and WOW what a difference they make for us.  (I bet they will for you too.)
  • Salt – Symbolism – Shamanics – Healing and creation truly do involve symbolism and when you hear how “salt” shows up in my life – both symbolically and literally – you’ll probably notice some really “weird” things that have been holding you back from your blessings too.

Who is this recording package best for?

  • Anyone with health issues or any other issue they feel stress about – that they are ready to change now.
  • Anyone who has had problems with Feeling It Real. (I candidly share me working through “all my crap”, so you can more effectively get rid of yours.)
  • Anyone who wants to get a peek under the hood, and be with me while I work out what I need to work out – so my sessions work fast.

Get over 2 hours of recordings today, for a very special price below.    Click the button to order and download instantly!


LEGAL:  This package and all related articles are NOT to be considered medical advice.  I am not a doctor, I don’t play one on tv, and if you feel you need medical treatment get it.  The purpose of this package is to help you Feel It Real more effectively EVERYWHERE in your life, so that you can live life as the adventure of a lifetime.


Hi Twenty & Victoria,

I’m writing to tell you all how grateful I am to have found you all and your FB group. 🙂
I have had so many breakthroughs on my journey and I’m excited about the life I’m currently creating.
As you know I have been wrestling and at war with myself but I’m refusing to make this hard…. last night I was so over myself I went to bed shortly after getting home… I had exhausted myself with my inner conversation. Anyway I had a dream and it spoke to me on so many levels I wasn’t terrified but I knew what it meant.
I played a very small role in the dream just had a line or two but I was watching the drama unfold. When I woke up I got that usual urge to search my emails for past products I’ve purchased and for some reason the health and healing program came to mind. One of my desires was to heal my mind.
After devouring the program a huge sense of relief came over me the relief that I imagined happening to me (that knowing it is done). I then got a brief thought of something I needed to happen financially and mentally slammed the door when I started to imagine something conflicting and a voice said “it’s already done and dusted” and that same relief came over me…. Go about your business and in a way you know not of you will be led to the fulfillment of what you did within yourself.
Thanks so much for all you do and continue to do it has helped me tremendously!
Love you guys,

Your newest Candid Creation package has been for me unnerving, implosive, scary, painful and it describe me perfectly. It was as if you had been living inside of me,for the past 40 years and had recorded my thoughts,doubts,and blockages.  Then you distilled your observations through,your profound understanding of Neville’s teachings and your real life implementation to current problems. I encourage you to continue, sharing your insights and knowledge on Neville’s teaching through the Candid Creations.  You are truly keeping it real!   Its painful to have to face,the stones that what you were taught by people who you trusted and believed in were wrong.

Also the older you are,the more there seems to be a sense of desperation,a wanting to make a lot of changes quickly because you are keenly aware that the ticks of the clock are LOUDER. I’ve listen to the recordings 4 times in a row now, physically I felt overwhelm by the truths you share, tired, drained and excited about recreating myself.

Please feel free to use any portions of this message as you see fit. By the way you referred to a lady name Judy,who successful plays the lottery.  Can you share her story,about how she created her state and started living from it.            TT thank you VERY much for all that you do and share and I’m all aboard for the “Neville Express”journey,and you have my total support.                Sincerely, Bill R.  Pennsylvania

P.S.: Your discussion on “Doubt” is Brilliant.

“Just bought and listened to your candid creation pack, and I have to say I absolutely loved it!! I think this is one of your greatest products, because you share your knowledge (and your experience) in a way that is so easy to understand. And it help us to think and see things in a totally different way. I have to say I could relate too much of what you were talking about in these recordings. Blessings and love to you and Victoria!!” – M.

November 8, 2017


I am only 6 minutes in and this is transforming my LIFE! Just wanted to share 🙂

Candid Creation is SOOOOO good already!

Candace H.

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