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That Special State – Are you entering into it how Neville says to?

Hey mate,

The most frustrated followers of Neville we have found, are those who are not entering into “the state akin to sleep”, when they are doing their Nevillizing.   On the other hand, the ones that have consistent results – take 5 to 15 minutes daily – and “have a session” where they enter into this state – and from there – enter into the state of the wish fulfilled.

Neville says to enter into the state – akin to sleep – feel your ideal as real – and let go – let God  – the human imagination do it’s job.   And the world says, keep busy – keep moving.  Try to “figure everything out” – every step – and then force it to happen.

TODAY’S CHOICE:  The way of spirit or the way of ego – that’s the choice you get to make today.  One way we can choose spirit, is to take 15 minutes and “sleep on it”.

The Amazing Power of Sleeping On It.

What do the most consistent inventors, creators and manifesters have in common?  They “Sleep on it.”   Let’s look at a few examples.  Edison and Tesla both experienced huge breakthroughs, creating inventions that changed the world, while in the dream like state.   Elias Howe was only able to invent the sewing machine – which gave you the clothing you are wearing right now – after he had a dream that changed how to orient the hole in the needle.  Einstein had a dream that he was riding a beam of light – which lead to his breakthroughs in relativity and atomic science.

So what do inventors have to do with manifesting?

I used to think of inventors, as people who “figured out” things.    Then I noticed that most inventors have these stories that tell how after trying for ages to figure out the solution, that what they were seeking – a solution – often came in a dream or a vision.    So what if it was time for you to simply notice, and use the power that works for the most creative and inventive minds in history.

Neville shares:

If I could touch anything in another world (the state akin to sleep) and compel myself to awaken while holding it, I would find it was real. So you do it for your world. A job you want, the home you would occupy, the marriage you want. Sit at the desk at which you would sit, live in the house you want to live in, be married to the sort of person you want to be married to, and if you hold to it in your imagination, then you will make it real in your outer world.

Neville sees “the problem as solved”, in his dream like state – by entering into the wish fulfilled and awakens knowing that that is the first step in making it visible and real, in the outer world.  Neville continues:

The Ancients called this capacity the Western Gate, and tied it in with the sense of touch. If you can hang on to the thing you touch and then awaken, you will find that the thing has become real. We have it in Genesis in the story of Jacob and Esau. Isaac, the father, who was blind said, “Come close that I may touch you. Come closer.” And the state symbolized by Jacob, the supplanter, was made real in place of the state that had seemed so real before, symbolized by Esau.

Takeaway #1:  Use The Western Gate.  The West is where the sun sets, the time of evening, when we begin to turn in.  When you take the time to slow down – at the end of the day, and begin to turn within, do so with the POWER OF THANKSGIVING.   Do so assuming the state of the wish fulfilled.   Rest in that state, and fall into that state akin to sleep.  This act will awaken your creative power.

Takeaway #2:  Feel destined.  Jacob felt destined to be blessed by his father, and was blessed ONLY after his father FELT him.   The great inventors always FEEL that they will change the world, they feel the solution is right in front of them – they activate their DESTINY POWER by embracing it as their destiny.  Having no room for doubt, the answer often comes in a dream.

Feel your ideal as real – as you drop into the dream like state.   Let go and allow the universe to do it’s part.   And embrace the role that you are here to fulfill as well.   You will know you are doing just that, once you have learned how to lose the frantic feeling and feel the release – it’s often orgasmic – because that is what it feels like when conception occurs.

Have an amazing day,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Alan says:

    Great job seriously. Just subscribed and this is the first article I have received from you guys and I have to admit that all of the above is sound advice that I have experienced in my own life. Thank you! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Alan.

    We really appreciate the feedback mate. Remember you can email us ANYTIME and ask us anything. That’s what makes the world go round. That and the imagination of course.

    TT and V

  3. Karen Dybik Shotz says:

    What you are saying about inventors is true, they are dreamers. I once visited the Florida home of Edison. While in Florida, he was working on ways to recreate rubber. The US was in the midst of WWII, and there was a shortage of it. The Alllies needed the rubber for tires. Edison spent a lot of time waking the grounds of his summer home and he would stop and take many "Naps". This is how he created. Same is true for Charles Fillmore. During the depression, Unity was about to lose their property, since they were behind in taxes. Charles would meditate for hours that he had the tax money. The day the collectors came to take the property, he asked them to come back later, since he would be receiving the money later that day. He had no idea where it would come from, but he knew it would come….it came and later that day he had a check for the tax collector. Why recreate the wheel, when the way has already been successful—go into the silence.