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Everything Went Like Clockwork – Thanks To Feel It Real

Hey mate,

We just LOVE sharing your Feel It Real success stories…

Because FEEL IT REAL WORKS – if you FULLY Follow The Formula and get out of your own way.  Adele has done just that, and here is her latest update for you today.

Notice how Adele…

…REMAINS 100% faithful to her wish fulfilled – because of what she’s learned from applying what she’s learned.   Let’s dive in with this quote of Neville’s.

“Do you always turn to your imagination and, no matter what happens, do you remain faithful to the state imagined? If you do, you have passed the test. But if every little rumor, doubt, or fear can move you around like a pawn on a chessboard, then you are not keeping the faith! ”  – Neville Goddard 

feel_it_real_quotes_neville_goddard_pawnHi TT & V:

I have a success story for you:

A year ago I signed up to enter a prestigious competition in my area of craft. I want to gain a wider reputation, and this is a good way to go about it.

People enter from all over the world…

The standards are high, and the entries had to be received in England (7,500 miles away) by Friday. Everything about my entry piece took me much longer than I anticipated, and I really only got started making the physical object three weeks ago.

I found myself worried…

…about getting it done in time, and immediately I did a FIR session, feeling the happiness of knowing the work was received in the right place before the deadline. I stayed in the FIR session until I felt the words “It is done”, and then I stopped worrying about it. In fact, after the FIR session it was almost like I *couldn’t* worry about it!

TT AND V NOTE: Notice Adele did what she was trained to do in MM. Instead of shifting into worry – she SURRENDERED AND STAYED in the State of Her Wish Fulfilled.

As I made the piece…

…things would go wrong, and I would just start again without getting frustrated, because I had plenty of time. Things that should take 20 minutes took 3 hours, but I was totally calm. I worked every day until I got tired, and then I stopped, without feeling any desperation or frustration and without feeling the urge to push myself to work late into the night.

When I thought about the deadline,

…I just felt relieved, reminding myself that the completed piece would be received well before the deadline. Finally, Tuesday morning, the work was done. In the afternoon I took the piece to the courier company, walked in and said “I need this to be in England by Friday” and the clerk looked at me and said, loudly and emphatically:

“That is completely impossible”.

TT and V note:  We call what comes next –  RAPID REVISION, and we share in the program EXACTLY how we used this – just like Neville – to get tickets to a sold out show.  Way to go Adele!

I just looked at her…

…saying nothing because her words just didn’t make sense. Of course it was possible. Before I thought of anything to say another clerk said “Well, we’ll do you a quote, anyway.” She took the address information, plugged it into the computer, and announced that if it didn’t get held up at customs it would be delivered Thursday afternoon.

She was surprised!

And she explained that they thought it impossible because other people who tried sending things the day before had been told that. But now the computer said something different.

TT and V note:  Your imaginal act – if you FEEL IT IS REAL and KNOW IT IS DONE – has this kind of power.  BOOM!

From then on, everything went like clockwork.

They first thought the delivery would cost $500, then they took a second look and it cost about a quarter of that – which was what I had expected to pay. I didn’t have a box the right size; they had one that was *exactly* the right size.

I have done FIR sessions before…

… but this is the first time I did it immediately and stayed with it until I felt it was done. Now I want to do FIR sessions for everything, because they make life so much easier!

You have my permission to share this story.

Adele from Manifesting Mastery!

TT AND V:  WAY TO GO ADELE!  We celebrate with you!  It’s great having you in the program and hearing from you again.  

Go go go!  We look forward to sharing even more of your success stories in the future!  Many blessings!

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