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Testimonial and Success Story – A New Car #2

Hey mate,

Today’s New Car Success Story (the second in two weeks) has a very simple yet powerful lesson in it. Notice that Anne simply imagined HAVING the car, driving it, the car being a natural part of her life since she manifested a new job that suits her. Notice that she didn’t specify where the car would come from. Notice that she didn’t figure out how money it would have to cost – then try to manifest the money. Notice she kept it simple and FELT the car in her life.

Anne just got out of her own way, Followed The Formulas, and imagined life – with that car. And where it came from – surprised even her. Let’s dive in.

Hi TT and V–

Here’s another success story for you!

So… having manifested a job that really suits me, my next strong “want” was to have a car again. I sold my car about a year and a half ago, to cut expenses when I was unemployed.  Frequently I would imagine myself driving the car I wanted to own. But more often (several times a day), over the last month or two, I found myself thinking “I really must have a car!” with strong emotion accompanying the thought.

The day before yesterday, while dropping off my grandson at my house, my daughter said to me, “I have something for you,” and she handed me a couple of pieces of paper. I unfolded the papers… and then I realized that one of them was the title to a car! She and my son-in-law actually gave me one of their cars, which happens to be the same make as the car I imagined myself driving, though an older model. However, it has very low mileage, is in good condition, and, for me, is “new” in the ways that matter!

This car is just what I needed at this particular time. You can’t imagine my reaction — I was speechless at first! The gift was completely unexpected, and I am very, very grateful.  Anyway, this happened on my 3rd day of doing the Manifesting Mastery program. I am so excited to see what will happen next!  Cheers and blessings to you both!  – Anne

Thank you for sharing Anne, and thank you for being a lovely person to work with too.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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“Tonight I give you a principle: God is the great artist, who – as your own wonderful human imagination – is perfecting his work through the ages in the making of his own image in you. Do you have an image? Name it. Now, are you willing to simply assume that you have it, and wait for its objectification? Every image has its own appointed hour to ripen and flower. If it be long, wait, for its appearance is sure and will not be late. Are you willing to wait for the happiness you now seek, or are you going to try to go on the outside and make it so? If you are willing to apply this principle and let it happen, you will become the successful businessman, doctor, minister, or whatever you desire to be. If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact, because you are God and your only opponent is yourself.” – Neville Goddard

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  1. Lisa says:

    OH…. as someone who had the OTHER car success story two weeks ago…I say Brava! Brava! This is exactly the way it works…. thanks for sharing this. Now for me and my family, it is with the same conviction, ease, suredness and clarity that we are looking to our next new home.

    Against “all odds” we are looking for a home…. 4 months early (due to leases etc) and we saw a home that was very much like what we want….and even though it is EARLY – the owner wrote and said they were flexible, husband is being relocated in the next months…. and even though it is TWICE what we are willing to pay (note that we are not saying we are limited, and can’t pay it, but choose not to (thank you TT for that language!!) …it turns out they are flexible….they feel the value of such high quality tenants and a flexible exit strategy lease may be worth the difference of the rent we are offering…. let’s see what happens!


    What a great way to live! My partner and I say over and over… isn’t it FUN to live in this world..where everything is possible.