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Success Story – Eliminating Guilt – Free Neville Goddard

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“Faith is an experiment which ends as an experience. Experiment by believing you already have all that you desire, and you will have the experience.” – Neville Goddard Quote

Hey mate,

Two days ago, we shared the amazing story of Judy, who used Feel It Real to manifest an amazing mediterranean cruise.   Today we want to share with you the update she sent to us since then, and EXACTLY why she is able to manifest so many BIG THINGS in a row.  Buckle up, it’s gonna be an amazing insight.   Let’s dive in.

Hi TT and V,

Bongerno is Italian for good morning! I am having fun searching all the places we will visit and still it feels as a dream, but it is real. I am wowed every moment of preparation. Some of the women I teach tennis too are so happy for me and are throwing their nicest dresses at me to wear on the cruise ship! I tell them I would never want to damage the dress ( BTW i have never borrowed a dress in my life or even asked for one) and they say they just want their dress to have a good time! So, I have a nice assortment of dresses and have managed to create $1000 to take on the trip and working on more.

I am focusing on now my state of eternal creator and living and believing it and fully accepting the path I have chosen. It is so funny how on one hand we are split between work, reality and daily bills and yet coming back to remaining stable in belief, consciousness and faith.

I have come to realize is that the universe has been working on this for me for awhile. Just having someone here to take care of my animals for me is amazing in and of itself. It was funny when Tim needed a place to live. I was aprehensive thinking I let a fox in the hen house and when would he find another place to live, yet I remembered that everyone plays a part and I went with the flow wondering what part he played since there is is no romantic interest. It is nice to have a friend which funny enough I remember having a conversation with the universe back in the spring of saying how nice it would be to just have a buddy to hang with. Not because I am lonely, but that it would just be nice.

Anyway, I like your new site and appreciate all you do. Your insight on Neville is always helpful and encouraging and keeps me on track. I;ll keep you in the loop of all the adventures that come my way!  Judy

Today’s Take Away:  When we are working live with readers, one of the patterns we notice that tends to block “the big stuff” is guilt – which can be hidden or obvious.  You might notice what we noticed in Judy’s letters:  She is not letting guilt get in the way.  She is walking the walk and following the formula, and having big manifestation after big manifestation in her life show up.

If you have found yourself not being able to manifest “the big stuff” you probably have some hidden or semi hidden guilt patterns blocking it.  The good news is, Neville tells us how to take care of that quickly.

Click Here To Eliminate The Death Grip Of Guilt

And remember, it all comes down to two things.  Eliminate what gets in the way, and Follow-The-Formula.

Many Blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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