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Success Stories – What Happens When You Follow The Formula – Free Neville Goddard

Dream Like God

My success story is as follows: My son is an apprentice plumber. He needed 42 weeks work to complete his apprenticeship but as the economic climate here in Ireland is pretty grim, especially in the building sector, we did not hold out much hope of a job. He managed to get a job with very good pay but after 3 weeks there was no more work for him and he was let go. I decided to test Nevilles teachings so  I went to bed and got myself into “a state akin to sleep”.

Mom decided to test Neville’s teachings – and she followed the formula and got herself into the State Akin To Sleep.   (If you aren using the state akin to sleep, you are missing out big time.  Watch the State Akin To Sleep Neville Goddard Video


I sent out thoughts of abundance for my sons boss, imagining that he got more contracts  and that he and his employees were prospering. I then imagined my son saying to me: “ I had a call from Tony and I’m back to work next Monday”. I heard it over and over in my head and I imagined myself hugging him and saying , “That’s fantastic news”.

Notice she chose to Feel Success Real for the business her son works for – not just work for her son.  For some reason, we have noticed over the years that the more people you choose to have blessed in your Feel It Real sessions, the more effective they seem to be.

I didn’t wonder or worry about it after that. I just trusted that it would work out. Today I came home for lunch and my son was sitting on the sofa. He looked up at me and smiled then he said “ I’m back to work Monday” I said,  “What!!!”. He said, “ I had a call from Tony and I’m back to work next Monday”. I danced around in delight. Thank You Neville. I hope you heard my shouts of joy and gratitude.

She chose not to “wonder or worry” – she chose instead to BELIEVE IN THE REALITY OF THE IMAGINAL ACT.   Remember, the more you Follow The Feel It Real Formula – the more you notice that imagination is reality – and the physical world is the shadow it leaves behind.   This is exactly how you create your circumstance and change your world.

Have a wonderful day, and remember to follow the formula and feel your ideal as real.

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Many blessings to you.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is an amazing story! How many nights did she do this?

  2. Hilda says:

    I did it for just 3 nights. That’s all! I followed Nevilles teaching about feeling what it would be like if it was real. I didn’t think about how it would come about, I just focused on the end result. I do believe that because I sent out thoughts of abundance for my sons boss and all his employees this helped. At one stage I started to wonder about how it would come about. I thought: would someone leave? would someone get fired? but I stopped these thoughts and just changed the thought to enough work for everyone. Once I sent out thoughts of enough work for everyone I changed to the thought to my son telling me that he was “back to work next Monday” and I also saw myself congratulating him. I kept this going over and over and I eventually fell asleep. Within one week the call came and now he is (for real) back to work next Monday.

  3. Star Dancer says:

    lovely story, made me smile, and inspired me to continue palying with Neville- espy loved the part about the business thriving

  4. Beth Smith says:

    is it really that easy, to play a scene over in your mind, the way you want it to play out….your imagination at work. And, then make it believable for you. Sounds good, will try….<3

  5. Dr.D says:

    Thanx for sharing.

  6. Angel Light says:

    Thanks so much for this inspiring story and for reminding us via your emails to stay focused on the Formula!

    Deeply appreciated…

    Angel Light