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Success Stories – Relationships

freeneville_pracitce_what_you_learnHey mate,

This week’s featured success story is a goodie.  It demonstrates what happens when you continue to do your Feel It Real Sessions, even in the face of seeming failure.

“I continued to do my feel it real sessions and continued to live the state desired. despite so much contrary to the evidence. I continued to feel the big picture but i added one new scene for this week, which was that my husband was going to email me explaining that I am mistaken (about it being over) and that he loves me. I saw the email on my mind, saw my hand (not my body), and saw me clicking the icon which showed a new message was there. I continued to be in such a confident state these past few days because in my mind, i saw the ending already.  You know what, i received an email from him in the EXACT WORDS that i felt real.  I. Am. Blown. Away. I swooned, I jumped.”

Now, enjoy the bonus video.

Three Quick Take Away’s

  • Feeling It Real Works – Because YOU are God, having the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Creating – truly creating – is much more powerful (and fun) that “creacting”.
  • Remember the Lesson Of Jacob.  (Wrestle with your imagination – your angel – till the dawn of a new day – and you will be blessed.)
  • You have a fundamental choice to make in every session. Escape or Extend. Ask yourself, “What is it that I choose to embody – to extend into the world?”

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May you have an amazing day, and remember to Feel Your Ideal As Real

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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4 Comments on "Success Stories – Relationships"

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  1. Dennis says:

    Awesome story and video! Choosing to extend positive into the world instead of avoiding negative, that really helped clear things up for me. Thanks again tt and v for being here!

  2. Really good. Thanks, 2020.

  3. Ni An says:

    Woow amazing story.So happy for you.And good for the people who think you cannot expect something from a specific person.This really shows that all things are really possible. Love TT and V

  4. Saima says:

    So happy for you!It’s so amazing to know that one’s mind is the power house in bringing one’s desires to come to pass. I am in the process of re uniting with my husband too. I have seen my desired end and an just waiting for it to show up in my world. Blessings xxx