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From Today’s Inbox: “I keep getting STUCK here!” Help me Neville Goddard

From Today’s Inbox:  “I can’t figure out why this keeps happening to me, and why it’s so hard to imagine what I want.” – D.B.

(This article is in reply to a reader, who can’t figure out why they are stuck, who insists they are doing everything right, and who happens to be IN our facebook group, who is ready for help.  Let’s dive in.)

“If you are in the habit of thinking negatively, you are not going to sustain the thought that you are all you want to be. You may hold it for a few seconds, and if it does not prove itself instantly you may deny it.”

“But in order to play the game of life you must know the rules and apply them. And remember: as in every game, there are rules whose violation causes failure. You cannot deceive yourself, for God is not mocked; as you sow, so shall you reap.” – Neville Goddard

how_to_feel_it_real_negativeHey D. B.

The reason why you are stuck is your personal facebook page.

Actually, it’s not your facebook page, it’s what you POST on it.


Actually, it’s not what you are posting on it, but WHY you are posting that kind of stuff – on it.

When I look at what you are sharing – every – single -day, it shows me that you are doing what Neville says NOT to do.  You are in THE HABIT of…


GET this….

People post things, that they FEEL about.

  • They post things they enjoy.
  • They post things that they find upsetting.
  • They post things that they BELIEVE to be true.

Now, I’m NOT asking you to change what you post.

That would be EDITING.

Editing is like saying all nicey nice polite positive words, while feeling lack, anger or being victimized.

And since Neville didn’t teach, “Editing What You Say is The Secret”…

And since what he did teach at the core of all his teachings was FEELING IS – THE SECRET….

I want you to continue to post HONESTLY on your facebook page, but notice….

Is the kind of person I have chosen to be – the kind of person who I now assume I Ampost what I am posting now?

how_to_feel_it_real_dwelling_placeGet the POWER in this?

What you have been posting (gossiping about) – day in and day out – reveals the STATE you keep returning to – the state you are living from – the state that is creating your tomorrows.

Neville would call this state you keep returning to – your Dwelling Place.

And it sounds to me, like you are ready to be THE HERO of your own life, the STAR ON YOUR STAGE, instead of feeling like you are a smaller than all that silly stuff.  Congratulation!

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And what I invite you to change – is your STATE – right now – and…

Abandon all the silly stuff, and simply follow the principles – and USE THE TOOLS.

And you’ll notice – that next time you want to post that nasty negative stuff – you just might have a giggle – and instead STOP and do a FEEL IT REAL session, and move back into the state of your wish fulfilled.


Keep – Diving – Deeper,

Many blessings to you!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  It doesn’t matter how many Feel It Real Sessions you TRY to do, if you walk away from them and passively become who you don’t want to be anymore – once again.

What matters are you doing them RIGHT and doing them enough – so you actually MOVE into the state – of your wish fulfilled – – and stay there.   Follow The Formula!  We imagine lovingly for you!

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