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Stop Manifesting The Opposite Of What You Want – Free Neville Goddard

“I keep manifesting the exact opposite of what I want in life. I feel like I am out of control. Please help me TT and V!” – Your Mate in NYC

Hey Mate in NYC,

When you deny the truth about you – about the wonderful human imagination – you INSTANTLY go into REVERSE gear. And when you are in reverse, you can’t help but manifest exactly what you don’t want in life.

Let’s dive in with the words of Neville:

“We must learn to know ourselves as Infinite Love, as good rather than evil. This is not something that we have to become; it is, rather, for us to recognize something that we are already.” – Neville Goddard

I grew up Catholic. I was told that mankind was evil, bad, rotten at the core. And until I started to doubt that we were evil, and open up to our nature as good and loving – I wasn’t able to easily create the life I wanted.

Listen around.  Notice how many people tell stories about how rotten people are, about how we need more laws because people because people are bad. Notice how the more society buys into fear – the less prosperity and happiness there seems to be for most people.

The good news is, Neville gives us a way out, a way home, a way to get the results you want in your world.

“The original birthplace of imagination is in love. Love is its lifeblood. Insofar as imagination retains its own life’s blood, its visions are images of truth. Then it mirrors the living identity of the thing it beholds.” – Neville Goddard

When you remember what you are, and that your birthplace is love, you can’t help but imagine loving things – about yourself – about your world. And you can’t help but experience miracles and manifestations in your life.

But if you stop noticing that our nature is good, that you are infinite love, or if you deny that people in general are infinite love – then FEAR sets in – and then your imagination gets out of control.

“But if imagination should deny the very power (of love) that has brought it to birth then the direst sort of horror will begin. Instead of rendering back living images of the truth, imagination will fly to love’s opposite – fear and its visions will then be perverted and contorted reflections cast upon a screen of frightful fantasy. Instead of being the supremely creative power, it will become the active agent of destruction.” – Neville Goddard

Why do people get sucked into fear?  Why do people manifest bad things in their world?

When you deny the true nature of mankind as infinite love – you give room for the falsehood of fear to take control of your world.

And once you get sucked into fear, you move from being creative – to having to control or avoid being controlled. You have a choice today, assume people are bad and live in fear and be focused on control. Or you can assume people are good – that we are infinite love and you can unleash the true creative power that you are.

“Wherever man’s attitude to life is truly imaginative, there man and God are merged in creative unity. Remember that Love is always creative, causative in every sphere from the highest to the very lowest.” – Neville Goddard

Today, Victoria and I ask you to notice – where in your life do you need to remember – “we are infinite love”.   Is it with your family?  Is it with your friends?  Is it with business people?

Who is it that you have felt the need to fear – the need to protect yourself from?   Where is it in your life – that you have fallen for the lie – that we are bad?  Where is it in your life that you can remember today – that you and I and everyone you meet – is truly infinite love?

Take the time to Follow The Formula.   Do the pure methods of Neville, don’t water them down with new trinkets and toys.   And take the time to remember what you really are, so you can have and enjoy what you truly want in life.

Many Blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Conni Laine says:

    really great post this evening Twenty. thank you as always to you both.

  2. Daisy Boo says:

    Do you mean it is like a reaction of thinking bad thoughts? Like karma?

  3. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge!

  4. Denis O'Brien says:

    Woa, thanks. I declare am feeling good, I am feeling love, I am I am. funky weird stuff, go away, love rules.

  5. Lauren Tripp says:

    Great thoughts… Especially during the holidays! Blessings and happy, grateful holidays to you and your family!!!

  6. Lisa Marie says:

    That's Right! When we forget that people, us ,we are good..then fear takes us over. And it permeates everywhere = every next thought, from business, to what we eat, to how we speak to our lover. Yes to remember who and what we are. always.