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State Akin To Sleep #1 – Free Neville Goddard

“People have a habit of slighting the importance of simple things, and the suggestion to create a state akin to sleep in order to aid you in assuming that which reason and your senses deny, is one of the simple things you might slight.  However, this simple formula for changing the future, which was discovered by the ancient teachers and given to us in the Bible, can be proved by all.” – Neville Goddard
how_to_feel_it_real_state_akin_to_sleepHey mate,

If you follow the simple formula in today’s Neville Goddard quote and lesson – your life will change in amazing ways.   In just six words, it is this:

Focused Intention x Relaxed Attention = Amazing Results.

Focused intention is knowing your aim.   (Click Here For More – Know Your Aim)

Relaxed attention is the STATE AKIN TO SLEEP – the state that Neville suggests doing your sessions in.

But for many people, the problem is this, how do you enter into the state akin to sleep – and go too deep and FALL ASLEEP?

“You change your future best when you are in control of your thoughts while in a state akin to sleep, for then effort is reduced to its minimum. Your attention seems to completely relax, and then you must practice holding your attention within that feeling, without using force, and without using effort.” – Neville Goddard

The key we have found, is to break it into two parts.

  1. Practice going into the state akin to sleep.
  2. And do your well defined sessions.

When you are learning how to Feel It Reak, it’s just like any new skill set you are learning.  Break it into parts, practice and master each one separately – and use them powerfully together.  Why not try that today, just take a few moments, sit in an easy chair, notice your body and relax deeper and deeper with each breath.   When you notice your mind beginning to wonder, just bring it back to the breathing.

Look for a GIFT from us in your inbox this week, one that will help you practice and perfect easily  THE STATE AKIN TO SLEEP, so that your sessions become even more and more effective.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. Conni Laine says:

    I love you guys…thank you.

  2. Blessings Conni. We love you too.

  3. Ray says:

    Much appreciate all the Neville info that you send out to make his knowledge more “user friendly” by further explaining what Neville teaches.

    I have had this question in mind for some time now and have finally decided to ask it—

    Is “the state akin to sleep” the same as lowering the brain waves to alpha (or lower) as is done in meditation?
    Kindest regards.