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Stacey’s Success Story

Hi guys!

I just want to say thank you for all your help coming this far , and I’m even looking forward to more.

Yesterday, I checked my balance. Zero . Nothing. Zilch!. Food had run out, no nothing at home, immediately I felt like worrying but I chose to be STILL like you said in your articles.

I felt the feeling of abundance and the ‘thank you’ feeling of “I’ve got nothing to worry about”.

Guess what? My friend called in TWO minutes, asking if I needed any thing at home, I was surprised and said “give me the money instead”.

So they came over handed me £20 and said “I was gonna buy you a drink worth£5 but since you want to buy something for your house, I’ll give you a twenty instead, I got lucky today, so this is for you”.

I was so happy, I used £10 for food and the other £10 for my Attitude Money.

Next morning, I found another £5 in my wardrobe! Whoo yah!

Thanks so much guys!

The feel it real sessions are beginning to feel very real, I’m enjoying them and my world feels like heaven right now. I’ve learnt so much from the classes, emails, articles and videos from the feel it real LOVE shows!

Why didn’t I meet you guys sooner eh ?


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TT AND V NOTE: Stacey sent us an update…. Just a few days later…. You are gonna LOVE THIS!

Hey TT and V

I had £234 pounds in my account, my rent is £200 but I really really really wanted to get the Manifesting to the Max course , so I got it anyway because I remembered the lesson of the ‘boundless forest’ was it called again? So I let it go, I let myself feel the joy of getting the course, and the stillness of abundance. I heard in my mind my landlady s voice say “thank you Stacey” over and over again.

I had been TRYING for hours and hours ALL week to get shifts, nothing but the next morning I got 17 missed calls from my agency.

They needed someone urgently, it was an emergency. So I called back and they gave me the shift. They pay weekly, so I would get the money I paid for the course BACK the coming Friday and guess what ? It’s the same amount I spent on the course and even more.

It didn’t end there though, I just happened to be cleaning my room and my old designer shoes that don’t fit anymore popped up, felt a nudge inside me to sell them , I only wore them once anyways. They’ll rack up some good money.

Long story short: “Yay!!!!”. Thanks guys!

As always, feel free to share

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