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“So this CRAZY thing happened….” – Priyanka’s Day 28 Update!

“Closing your eyes against the facts of life, dare to assume you are seeing and hearing what you would see and hear if your desire were true.” – Neville Goddard


How are you and Victoria doing? I am doing great here. Everyday I am learning new things. I am on Session 28 of Manifesting Mastery now.

“So yesterday this crazy thing happened.”

My sister in law had a job interview. I went with her for the interview since she is new to the place. So on the way I did a quick session saying she got the job.”

We reached there, her interview started and within minutes she was done as well. They said we can go now and they will let us know about the results later which basically meant you are rejected in a more subtle way.

“I closed my eyes again…”

We left from the place and on the way back I closed my eyes and again did a quick session where me and my brother are having a conversation and I tell him that his wife got selected for the interview. I was content with the session.

I opened my eyes and just minutes later…

…she got a call saying they are willing to give her a second chance. I was stunned…..That was just pure miracle!!!!! So we went back again once again she had to give the interview and this time she got selected!

She was happy, I was happy…. This was instant manifesting!


Falling in love with the sessions day by day!!!! Best investment I have ever done!

Thank you so much Mr. Twenty Twenty & Victoria

Priyanka – Day 28 in Manifesting Mastery

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