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Free Gift – Session 66 – Manifesting Mastery

Neville_GoddardHey mate,

Today you are going to amp up your results, by diving deep with us, here is EXACTLY one way we do our Feel It Real sessions, that we share in this sneek peak into the 90 Day Manifesting Mastery Program.

Notice how doing a Feel It Real session this way…

…creates massive shifts in your state – and frees you to create wildly.

Please keep in mind while reading and listening – that this lesson from the Hidden Powers Week, is just a tiny peek into the program – yet it will give you huge results.  Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


Hey mate,

Make this your motto – if you want truly Master Manifesting.

  • “Intend From a Segment – Collapse To A Point”.

Listen to the recording then read below.

Three Prime Examples:

From a segment of time in the future:

  • After we have paid off the mortgage and own our home and lands free and clear.
  • We are having a house party. People are asking for details – on how we did it.
  • The chinking of the glasses. – The Collapse To a Point.

From a segment of time in the future:

  • You are being interviewed by a reporter – about your best selling book – that went to the top of the charts 10 years earlier.
  • They are asking for details on how you wrote it.
  • You see a look of total shock, amazement and admiration on their face.
  • And they give you a high five – The Collapse to a point.

From a segment of time in the future:

  • After you have been married for many years to your ideal partner.
  • You are sitting quietly on the loveseat together, talking about your adventures, looking at your photobook.
  • And you come across a very special photo – and you both lovingly squeeze each others hand – Collapsed to a point.

TODAY’S TAKEAWAY: The scenes start “in a segment of time”…

They didn’t get forced into a particular date.

And did you notice, that they are looking back and have INVOLVEMENT and CONVERSATION. They tend to have a beautiful frozen moment – where the seed is planted – which locks in your results.  BOOM!

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If you GOT GOLD from today’s lesson – it’s one of 90 in the program.  THIS is why we have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS MORE OF PUBLISHED success stories on the site from MM members.  So today, we invite you to dive deeper and deeper so you can soar higher and higher

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Hello Twenty and Victoria!

I have always believed but never studied nor consistently applied Neville Goddard’s teachings.

As I near the end of the Manifesting Mastery course, I’m struck not only by my successes, my AHAs!, my shifts, but by my realized opportunities to learn more, to be more, and to manifest more, faster, and always lovingly.

I am building a successful, growing business. I am energized by my imagination. I am a limitless vessel of courage and quiet curiosity.

And I am being guided lovingly by you. I AM.

My best to you both,

Kim in Manifesting Mastery. 

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  1. Conni Laine says:

    ahh Twenty. just love this evening's post. keeping me in alignment, Thank you so much. C~

  2. Denis says:

    you’re the best thank you 20, once again simple straightforward and very effective! This really works I’m using it very effectively with thanks, Denis

  3. Gustavo says:

    Gracias, es mirar en el futuro un momentito en el cual vemos lo que sucedio hace tiempo, con mucho gustito, con real sensacion que fue algo magico.

  4. I’m a freelance writer. Last week, I received the delicious news I’ve sold another story…Twen, this could not be more TIMELY!! I am using an actual event in real time… in my feel it reals, folding it lovingly around that story, just sold. Then, from a time in the future, I’m being asked by an admiring, curious reporter how I got the idea for my book, which has become an gonzo best seller. Smilingly, I begin my FIR with, “well, hey…this was so cool, you see…after I sold that second story, my editor wrote me and asked if I had any other material I was working on and….” BOOM!!