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Since I was 17 I’ve been treated for… MASSIVE Manifesting Mastery Success Story!

To truly explain what a change Manifesting Mastery, and Manifesting  to the Max have made in my life I need to tell you this.

I’m 33 and have been treated for anxiety and depression since I was 17.

Medicated, always. Three years ago I lost a baby at 5 months, my depression hit rock bottom and I was nearly hospitalized, instead I managed to negotiate 3 months of “house arrest” and my now ex husband became my carer.

Then my husband left.  (I got worse.)

I remember last few years have been the worst. Which is what brought me to Neville and LOA. During that time despite reading, studying and applying everything the best I could, things where up and down, I manifested some things, some I didn’t.

During all that time. I didn’t look after myself, I didn’t look after my home. I ate only ready made crappy food, drank and smoked a lot and slept on the sofa for over 2 years. Yes, I haven’t made it to my bedroom for more than 2 years. My place was a filthy mess and I wouldn’t have anyone over.

Since finding you in December…

… and diving into your teachings, applying the tools in the best way I can, I’ve had more aha moments than i can count and the results are:

  •  I’m sleeping without sleeping pills
  •  I’m sleeping in my own bed and it’s oh so comfy
  •  I’m dreaming again which I haven’t in years
  •  My flat is spotless
  •  I’m cooking for myself, which is great as I’m a good cook
  •  By playing with the tools I’ve had so many “small” wins that I know my other buns are doing well in their oven 🙂
  •  I glow, people notice the change in me

Most importantly though:

I’ve just come back from my check up at the doctor’s.

I forgot (or did I?) to renew my prescription before the holidays.

So I was off my meds for over a week. Side effects should be kicking in…they tried ha! I stripped them of meaning and revised them.

To add to this I remember when I had PMS from hell every month (I mean it, people at work had to be warned every month), a week of mad witch followed by 2 days of crying uncontrollably then getting shitface drunk on my own, with some Valium in the mix for good measure to get my head to shut up.

When I told my doctor that I’ve been off my medication…

…she looked at me sternly and I told her “I’ve never felt better”.

And she noticed it and admitted it! Then I told her I’m due on tomorrow and she knows I would normally be a basket case.  So she asked me what I’ve been doing. I just told her that I’ve been doing “other stuff to better myself” and “maybe I’m just getting my shit together at last”. I’ve had months, years of therapy that did nothing for me so she’s gobsmacked haha

I told her I don’t think I need Prozac anymore!

She’s agreed to give me the lowest possible dose of my medication…

And she told me that I’m ok to reduce it gradually (by myself) if I keep feeling the way I am. Well as I’m set on being healthy they didn’t even had it at the pharmacy anyway lol ehm the most common antidepressant happens to be out of stock for the first time ever just now… funny that 😉

I no longer fit the depression diagnosis!

I am beyond happy and I cannot thank you enough! I might cry some happy tears, I have my life back guys, I have me back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much love to you both and the pups!

The New Maggie from Manifesting Mastery and Manifesting To The Max!

PS. Feel free to share my story!

TT AND V NOTE:  Maggie we just LOVE YOU!   This is why we just love the MM courses, they are where readers become FRIENDS AND FAMILY!  We celebrate YOU and your successes today!  Keep BEING THE BLESSING of YOU!

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