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Sheila’s Success Stories – Free Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V and E,

Well, it’s Day 7 of Manifesting Mastery and you asked us to write to you about any changes in ourselves and our lives. I have a truckload of benefits.

I can recognize that some of them came from Manifesting Mastery but I also have read Freedom and Power, read and listened to a lot of recordings on the site, and done Feel It Real, as well as doing sessions for a month. So some things, I believe, have had a cumulative effect.

I had been housebound for about 8 months, in semi-retirement only working a bit from home. Anytime I drove I was in tremendous pain. My life became going to the market, limping around the market (I refused to use a motorized cart) once a week and crying in pain all the way home. I was afraid to drive too far.

Recently, I have done 4 shopping trips, driving far from home, walking around several stores and driving home easily. And this is something I have not even been working on in sessions yet!

rosie_red_whiteOver 5 years ago, I was issued a handicapped permit for my car. I was concerned about the “handicapped label” I was giving myself but still I used it. I don’t do handicapped parking anymore.

When I do get an ache or pain, I tell myself your words, “This sensation does not mean anything. It does not mean what I imagine it does”.  (Part of an exercise from Week 1.)

Agewise considered a senior citizen and before meeting you and Neville, I was convinced that my ailments were “normal”, as I looked around and saw a lot of other seniors with canes, walkers or just shuffling along. I no longer believe this and look forward to being active once more and having a healthy life.

I feel lighter, more joyful and am smiling a lot, even when I’m alone. I am standing straighter and walking proudly. People are responding to me positively, a man even flirted with me outrageously in the market yesterday. 🙂

I am silently blessing everyone I meet. I had an incident this week where I needed a new battery for my car. I was told my old one was out of warranty by 4 months. I silently blessed the mechanic and the situation. As he started to ring up the new battery he paused and said something like, “wait a minute, let me try something”. He entered something on the computer and $40 was deducted from the price of the new one!

Every night I send blessings to people I love and care about and spontaneously started sending blessings to people I had troubled history with. It felt so right and freeing to do the latter. Now two ex-friends have shown up in a loving way in my dreams.

I am not judging myself, other people or situations as much, and do catch myself when I start to judge. I have given up a lot of fears, too.

In the past my children thought I was too “woo woo” with my metaphysical beliefs and did not want to hear anything I had to share. However, recently in phone conversations, I have begun sharing some Nevellizing with my daughter who lives in another state. She just wrote me a message that said in part, “You are an amazing woman with so much wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

Oh yes,one more thing, I have lost 5 pounds. ( I have been doing sessions for this.)

And this is just the beginning!

You may share any of this if you choose.

Much love and blessings to you,

Sheila – Day 7 – Manifesting Mastery

TT and V Note:  Way to go Sheila!   We started Manifesting Mastery with exactly this in mind.  Shifts like these, show us you’ve changed, and that the world is following your lead.  How cool is that!    It’s like waking up in a whole new world, isn’t it?   Good on you for diving in and sharing your life in such a lovely way with us.  Victoria and I are looking forward to getting to know you more and more in the course.   Big love to you today!

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  1. Nat says:

    Thank you Sheila, this is an awesome share. Judging was also something that receded when I did Mastery.

    Thanks TT & V & E for making it all possible !

  2. Lena says:

    Thank you for this wonderful and beautiful story dear Sheila! Many blessings to you ♡

  3. Gail Moe says:

    Sheila, you are a sweetheart – thank you so much for sharing your stories! I see you with a bright future filled with expanding joy. You’ve inspired me Sheila, many blessings to you!