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Segment Intending Success Story

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quotes_believeHi Twenty and Victoria!

Here’s a story about my iPad manifestation.

At the time I had an iPad 2 which I’d had a few years. I was thinking when using it, this is getting a bit sluggish and old, would love a new one.

Although not desperate for a new one I looked at what they cost and thought, can’t justify paying that price so left it.

TT AND V NOTE: Notice Danny DIDN’T let feelings like “desperate” into his life – or into is sessions. He just “would LOVE a new one”. (Did you get that? It’s IMPORTANT.  It’s why we do the first two weeks of Manifesting Mastery EXACTLY like we do – so you CAN DO THAT.)  –  Good job Danny!

Anyway, one afternoon I was sat in my armchair feeling a bit sleepy so thought I’d have a fun feel it real practice and why not feel an iPad. I got comfy and relaxed and started the session.

TT and V note:  Notice Danny is following the formula.  He dropped into the State Akin To Sleep and he now continues to Follow The Formula

I held the iPad and could feel in imagination, the smooth corners, I ran my finger across the screen, looked at the Apple logo on the back and clicked the off button and heard that distinctive click sound the iPads make, I seem to remember hearing this click sound over and over so I guess this was the collapsed scene/noise that stuck. Then I opened my eyes. I thought nothing else of it.

TT and V note:  ROCKSTAR MOMENT!  This is Danny doing EXACTLY what we teach in Manifesting Mastery Lesson Number 66

Several weeks later I am getting calls on my mobile with no number which I always ignore. Then a week later I get a call on my home phone off my tv subscriber, I thought they were wanting to sell me something. I confirmed I was the person they were talking to and said that I’d entered a competition a few weeks ago and had been trying to contact me and that I’d won an iPad Air 2 64GB. I was gobsmacked!!!!

TT and V:  Notice – Danny DIDN’T force this BRAND NEW IPAD to come to him – through that win – on that day.  It actually sounds like he FORGOT about it, BECAUSE he felt it SO 100% real, and then DIDN’T DIG UP THE SEED by looking for signs.

It arrived by registered post the next day and it is fantastic. Different colour to the one I imagined but I didn’t imagine any technical info about it just felt an iPad in imagination and heard its distinctive sound. ‘It would have happened anyway’ is what I would have normally said. But these days and following the Neville way these things happen from imagination.

Kind Regards


TT and V PS:  Congratulations Danny!  Thank you for joining us in the Neville Goddard lifestyle.  Diving deeper and deeper so you can always be soaring higher and higher.
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