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Secret Stuff: Work Less – Play More – and EnjoyThe Neville Goddard Coffee Game

Today’s Take Away: “Play where you’ve refused to….”

So on Friday’s Feel It Real Fun show…. I shared how I imagined – something different – than what the past week had given to us.

We had The Show cut out at least 3 times this past week… And on one show – it cut out 3 times……

So I REVISED, and I imagined all those shows WERE GREAT!  The best of the Best!  (This is where it GETS GOLDEN!)

For more on Revision – Click here!

So back in 2015, I bought some crappy software to do webinars on, a fair chunk of change – that really never lived up to it’s promises…..

So I let it gather dust, and went on my merry way living the FEEL IT REAL lifestyle.

So Thursday evening…

I was cruising one of the business forums I am on, and they were talking about The Software, and about how it’s newest update ROCKS IT with FaceBook live…..

And 15 minutes – before our Facebook Live show – we hooked it up and had some fun…..

Even with the lighting all wrong, and the gear tossed up all haphazardly…. The RADICAL IMPROVEMENTS in sound and video quality were amazing.

So here’s the deal…..

As soon as I stopped settling for semi-suck…. EVERYTHING CHANGED.

And now, we are playing in a totally new ball park.

Now this is where I should say, “follow the formula” and “play with the tools”. But I’m not going to do that. I’m gonna instead say…..

Play where you’ve refused to……

PLAY where you’ve made this WORK. (I’m not a fan of work.)


Maybe play a bit more with THE COFFEE GAME.


You know what they are, don’t you?

Have fun!

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