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Sacred Silence – Neville Goddard Success Story

Greetings again, guys. Wait till you hear this one. A long- time client of mine was considering discontinuing his business with me {one of my jobs is a music arranger}. In the back of my mind I had negative feelings about him and this situation. Whenever I thought about him I would cringe.

Reading of a similar situation about which Neville was writing, I decided not to let this thought dictate my emotions and began to imagine this person and circumstance in a positive light. How would I wish him and the outcome of our business relationship to be. And then I put myself into the feeling of the wish fulfilled over and over again.

I started feeling very good about him and our relationship. The next day {today} he called and said he wanted to finish the project. Later he brought by a $700.00 advance!! I only have one thing to say about that; Righteous!

But that’s not all. Not by far. After reading Neville’s ‘POWER OF AWARENESS’ I had this experience; While reading the last lines of the book a feeling of innocence and freedom overtook me. My mind became still and there was an awareness of silence.

Then I heard sounds in the distance, a dog barking. a car horn.Then a memory of early childhood of the same awareness. An awareness of a presence. Of my SELF. I shuttered and heard the thought “you have been with me all this time.

My life literally flashed before my mental eyes, all these years, all these moments in my life, in every experience it was always there. This awareness, like a lifelong best friend was with me. Is me. All this was overwhelming. I cried tears of relief as a I laughed about all the searching I had done in vain. Looking for something outside of myself. Whew! There’s just not enough thanks, Neville. Love you TT & V
Mike from Santa Cruz

Hi Mike!

When you get what you are – by doing what we do here – everything shifts. This isn’t “just” about manifesting the biz or the money or the relationship (those all matter – and those are good fun – might as well enjoy the meals available on the menu) it’s about you.

When you stop identifying with “the madness” inside, when you stop identifying with the endless chatter, the endless inner arguments, the endless inner defending – you discover YOU.

You are the silence – the vastness – the wonderful oneness – that EVERYTHING takes place in. There are levels to this silence, this awakening, and they happen naturally – once one stops having to deny what they are – once one stops having to defend what they aren’t.

Good on you for diving in. And for the reader, it doesn’t matter what book or lecture you are reading or listening to – each of us has our own “bit” that we need to hear – read – or simply notice. Keep diving into the teachings. That’s why we have HUNDREDS of Neville Goddard’s lectures here on the site, and hundreds of our own articles.

They invite you – to you. Enjoy the ride. And enjoy the meals available while you are here – it’s all good.

Many blessings,

TT and V


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  1. Harsha says:

    It’s very interesting that your posting this at the exact time I’m focusing on the silence. I think this is what Neville kept saying at the end of his speeches. I guess I noticed it before since I meditate a lot but I never quite allowed it to fully takeover until recently and it does have a profoundly calming, non-resistant effect. I’m seeing this post as (: like all other things 🙂 another clear reflection of what’s inside. It’s fascinating how everything reflects the exact correspondence of everyone’s inner state without ever stepping on toes because it’s just the one mind.

  2. Dennis says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing! I loved how you put it, When we’re silent and stop identifying ourselves with the madness inside! That’s what really cured me of PTSD, I stopped calling it MY ptsd and stopped deriving my sense of self from it. That was first major thing I used Nevilles teachings for (along with professional counseling), it took a while because I didn’t always live in the end but I got there. Thanks!