Ruben Saves His Dad’s Life with Feel it Real!

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Today we have a lovely success Story, where Ruben literally saved his Dad’s life with Feel It Real.  You can imagine how great this makes us feel, getting emails like this – so we can celebrate with you!   Let’s dive in with Neville Goddard quote and celebrate Ruben’s success!

“As I listened to her story I cued my wife’s voice out to the point that I couldn’t even hear what she was saying, but hearing her voice, I reconstructed the story and heard its revision in my minds eye. That night as I fell asleep I listened again and heard my wife tell me the revised story.”

“A few days later the doctors made another test from another lump and the vote was unanimous, the child did not have cancer. And since they had performed no remedial treatment in the hospital, they determined she never did have cancer, for without treatment the child could not have overcome the condition. When my wife heard the new verdict she told the grandmother and the mother what I had done, but they could not believe that an imaginal act has any power of causation.” – Neville Goddard

Hi Twenty!

Today I want to share with you a big success story. I’m going through difficult times, my wife and I separated 3 months ago and my dad has been going through very serious health problems.

About 6 months ago my dad was diagnosed with rheumatoid psoriasis , he could barely walk but the doctors told him it would eventually go away, suddenly my dad was having difficulties breathing and after an MRI scan and multiple analysis he was THEN diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, apparently it was a consequence of the strong medication he was taking for the psoriasis, there is NO CURE for PF and life expectancy is only 2-5 years.

My brother was the one who told me about the bad news, one day at my mom’s house as I was leaving he told me “dad just got really bad news, he has PF and he’s devastated”. As soon as I got to my apartment I did some research and even called a friend who works for a stem cell clinic in Mexico.

A couple of days after I realized what I was doing, I was trying to find a solution on the outside so I IMMEDIATELY revised the scene and imagined my brother telling me that my dad was very happy because…

…the doctor gave him good news, and every time I heard my mom or my brother talking about it I just remembered the scene of my brother telling me the good news. The insurance company sent an oxygen machine and I took it to my dad’s house, but felt weird doing it, it was a feeling of “HE DOESN’T NEED THIS”.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed my dad was feeling better and noticed he wasn’t using the oxygen, he told me that the doctors said he was going to get better and his lungs capacity would improve to 80% and I just replied THAT’S GOOD, I didn’t ask about the PF or anything like that.

TODAY I was at my mom’s house having a casual conversation with my mom about my wife, my dad and other things and suddenly my mom tells me “fortunately your dad doesn’t have PF but still has some lung problems but he’ll get better” HOLY FUCK!!

To be honest I didn’t feel exited at that moment because for some reason I already KNEW that it was going to happen, it really hit me when I arrived to work and I realized how big this is and how you really know you are living in the state of the wish fulfilled, and you know it because you simply don’t give a fuck. Now, doctors said that he’ll have 80% lung capacity BUT I want first class tickets and not third 😉

Thank you so much Twenty, I’ll re-do Manifesting Mastery, the Prosperity Pack and the Feel it Real Power Pack and email you soon about my marriage, my main problem with it is that I’m addicted to crap, I’m looking for sings and I’m having imaginary arguments with my wife, BUT the good thing is that I am noticing that… anyways I’ll email you soon. THANK YOU

Feel free to share it after you clean up my English 😉

Ruben in Manifesting Mastery

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