Riding A Bike Success Story and the Neville Goddard Week in Review

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We have a great success story to share with you today.   Notice how in today’s success story, Tom helps a six year old boy, Feel His Ideal as Real by walking in the state of the wish fulfilled.  You can do this with ANYTHING you wish to be in this world.  Great lessons and story. Enjoy!

Free Neville Goddard I was talking with a young man of 6 years the other day who was having trouble riding on two wheels and I was explaining to him a little about feeling it real.

I found myself saying this to him and later realized how simply true it was. I explained that a good bicycle rider prepares his bicycle for riding. He will adjust his seat and handle bars before he rides off. So, after he oils the chain and checks the tire pressure, he knows he is ready to ride. That is what someone who rides on two wheels does before the climb onto the bicycle. He imagines how his feet will work the peddles and his reach in order to properly steer. Let’s do these couple tasks just to be sure. Then I held him steady on the bicycle afterwards so he could feel it real and encouraged him, “Now that you have done what other bike riders do, you are ready to ride your bicycle.”

He did not question his being prepared at that point. He did the things that other riders do, believed it, and rode off on his two wheels. I haven’t seen him since. I actually doubt I ever will as I was just visiting that area. I hope he takes the lesson into his heart and repeats it often. TT, that is one person you have effected without ever being in contact. I am sure there are thousands more. All good things.” Tom

Neville says often in his lectures, to formulate an aim – define the person you wish to be, and to walk from that state. Tom helped this little boy who had defined his aim to be someone who can ride a two wheel bike.   He started leading him through the steps – that someone who can ride a bike does. Tom walked with him in that state – and that little boy is probably still wildly excited, since he now is a bike rider.  (Have you wondered Tom, if you showed up BECAUSE he knew he was going to be a bike rider?)

Time to take it home.

TODAY’S TAKE AWAY:  What can you do today – that you would do – to begin your day – as the person you have wished yourself into being?

Great lessons to be learned from Tom’s share today. Thank you mate.

Now let’s dive into the STOP STRUGGLING Neville Goddard Week In Review.

We started the week with the Law Of Reverse Effort, and why it is so important to use the least amount of effort possible, when manifesting and creating your chosen world.

Next, we explored how to eliminate resistance with Neville Goddard’s Two Favorite Words, do you remember what they are?

Next, we shared how to Surrender to the State and how not to get trapped in forcing your dreams to come true with will power. (If you ever feel frustrated, this one is a goodie for you.

And finally, we answered a question with Neville, What makes prayer effective?   A simple lesson, that reminds us of how powerful the pure basics are.

Thank you for being a reader and supporter of FreeNeville.com and for being part of the Neville Goddard Project.   Your emails and comments really do mean heaps to us.  It is fun to spread the word and share what works, and it is a great pleasure to enjoy this adventure of a lifetime with you.

Have an amazing day, and invite a friend over – you’ll have someone new to talk to about this amazing adventure, and you never know where that might lead.

Many blessings,

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  1. Joy says:

    Great article you two. Thank you Tom for giving us your story. I love how you creatively applied Neville’s teachings, and helped the 6 year old man.

    And thank you too for the June mastermind recordings TT and V. They were perfectly timed as usual. Where you shared the why you do your sessions hit home. You two are a blessing.