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Richard’s TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION! – Manifesting Mastery Rocks

Hey mate!

You are about to meet Richard, who is a lovely fella!  We got to know him through Manifesting Mastery, and he has joined us on quite a few of the LIVE GROUP CALLS too.   Take a look at how REAL AND LOVELY his smile is in that photo up top, and dive in to his report below!

Notice how he DOUBLED HIS INCOME, totally transformed his body, and now has a WHOLE NEW WAY OF LIFE!

“Isn’t this wonderful!”

Richard T – Manifesting Mastery Graduate 2016

Here are some of the changes (manifestations) since 1/1/2018 once I understood this is a continuous flow and not event by event as I previously insisted as real.

  • My 70 pound weight loss.
  • Work contract hourly rate doubled, will translate into BETTER THAN DOUBLE my yearly income.
  • Margin account funded (this was amazing in itself).
  • Several troublesome health issues GONE.
  • Personal and professional relationships enhanced.
  • And a daily stream of occurrences that just “show up”.  (Those are just good fun, aren’t they!) 

So, there has been significant un-learning as I’ve been a little hard headed in the past about what I thought the law was about. Much forgiveness there…?

Richard – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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TT and V Note 1:  Often we get to know our MM members, because we invite you to send us a weekly update – and we also share with you our personal one from that week in the course.   We also offer guidance and suggestions when needed or asked for too, which is lovely.

TT and V Note 2:  Richard mentioned “unlearning” and that is a MASSIVE BIGGIE!  So many people get mixed results and sometimes no results when they try this on their own, because they do need to let go of some old learinings – stuff that served them before – but no longer gives to them growing and soaring higher and higher.

WE CELEBRATE AND WE CONGRATULATE YOU RICHARD, and can’t wait to hear your lovely voice on a group call soon.  Blessings mate!

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