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Revision Testimonial – Free Neville Goddard

Hi 20

So good to talk to you yesterday.

I am so loving this 90 day program and just listened to Session 33 – !!!!. Revision is enabling me so much to stop looking back with regret – in the second, minute, daily, yearly and in relation to things that occurred decades ago.

Like a divine transformer for me – not erasing – instead transforming and making it possible for me to leave behind/make peace with some events that appeared as crises that I now see as opportunities to see things differently – like the bingle in the cemetery where I was held up at gunpoint – incident not as brutal as yours but one I chose to become ‘stuck’, unloved and very fearful about

Your tools and processes are enabling me to do what I knew I could do [look at things and behave differently in response to and more importantly to create differently from here on in as well as revise the past] but did not have a clue about how to – despite researching and looking at a lot of different ways and searching, searching and searching!.

The tool kit that you have made available to me [should I choose to use it] is the means to set myself free from experiences that I created but didn’t know how to manage – more so that meditation, chi qong and visualisation (eeeekkk) and a whole host of other good stuff.  I haven’t abandoned some of these things but using your tools, they are now effective!

Words fail me – I am so appreciative for what you and Victoria have done to reach out offering us this material.

Blessings always – thank you so much.

Leigh Newman WA

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  1. Anne McDonald says:

    What an eloquent post. I am so very grateful to be a part of this magnificent community. Thank you, 2020 and Victoria.

  2. Theodosia says:

    I must say to you that Revision has become one of my best friends and it is so comforting to know that not only don’t we have to allow ourselves to stay stuck, but we also have a tool that frees us from The Pain of the past. Continue on using your tools out of the tool box it only gets better! Peace

  3. Cindy in NYC says:

    Does anybody else get these same little ‘pings’ like I get… when doing a deep, intentional feel it real/revision? I know,I know..seems crazy, but I do indeed feel what Uncle Jimmy used to call “a little zetz..” when the revision moves into place. Hmm..maybe that’s the sound of it booting out the other event?