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Hey mate!

Welcome to today’s Neville Goddard Coffee Club, where we explore Neville Goddard and Revision

Today’s Take Away’s:

Neville gives us tools for all three timeframes. Past – Present – Future. They can be found in the Neville Goddard Toolbox

Revision takes care of “the past”, so that a negative event or cycle doesn’t repeat in the future.

You recreate your past, into your ideal – so that negative events don’t form cycles in your life.

You recreate your past, into your ideal – so new empowering imaginal events – form pleasing loving cycles in your life.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Hi Twenty,

I have been reading some of neville’s teachings about Revision. This week, I decided to put them to the test…but I’m not sure if I made a mistake. So, here’s the story…

Last Friday, a good friend of mine who works at my company told me that his contract would not be renewed, and that he would effectively no longer have his job.

This was a huge shock to me and my colleagues, as my friend is very good at his job, and we were all under the impression that his contract would be renewed, no question about it.

At first I started to get quite angry and upset at the news, but then I remembered Neville’s advice to revise. So that night on the train on the way back from work, and the next day at home, I set aside 15 minutes to close my eyes. Then, with my eyes closed I ‘revised’ the scene on Friday where my friend had emailed me of his bad news.

Instead, I tried to place myself ‘in’ my chair in my office, and I imagined that instead of an email from my friend, I received an email from his manager addressed to the entire office, which confirmed that his contract HAD been renewed, and that he in fact had secured a permanent position. I then stood up from my chair, walked to his desk, said ‘congrats on the new role, very well deserved!’, and shook his hand. He nodded and politely thanked me.

NOW the next day, he asked to catch up for lunch (which we did), and invariably the topic of his dismissal came up.

I felt really, really conflicted. On one hand I had imagined a ‘revised’ scene that implied good news. So how could we be discussing his dismissal? But here we were talking about the bad news. I couldn’t just ignore it, or choose not to answer his questions. I had to, on one hand, acknowledge the bad news.

So my question is, how do we acknowledge reality until our wish has manifested? Should I do another neville session to ‘switch’ my mind back into the assumption that he was actually promoted, and not let go? Or should I have diverted the conversation (which may have seemed insensitive to him). Or should I acknowledge the outward reality of what has happened, but realise that the ‘true’ inner reality is that he already has been promoted, and that will inevitably manifest in time?

I’m a little confused – would appreciate your help.

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  1. Love the video! Love your work! Love Neville!

  2. Soren Bagley says:

    One of the best vids yet. For sure. Thanks.

  3. Very helpful. Thank you so much.

  4. Glenn Segal says:

    Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty. Just want 2 start by saying that you've really helped change my life 4 the good — & I love u 4 it.. Thanx.
    Well, this is the 1st time writing 2 u, so…
    I've been reading your posts and listening 2 your Coffee Clubs on Revision — & I am mixed up.
    I know intellectually that revising "the Past" doesn't change the past events, but changes the emotional effect forward (is that correct?)
    But, I am afraid that if I revise the negative events of my childhood, I then wouldn't have married my former wives & my children would b erased from reality (like Marty McFly & his sibs almost were in "Back 2 the Future.")
    Please help me understand the Truth about Revision

  5. Stuart says:

    Now do a congratulatory conversation where you hear him tell you he Has a great new position and hear the important part is that he had security and income. His concerns are stability income comfortable environment and he is happy with the change. Be a teenager and hear something completely different than what is being said. Teenagers can make a yes out of a hindered no S

  6. LM says:

    This is the best video you have done; (that I have seen) – I love the format of taking letters from us and so directly and so completely and so thoroughly – answering it, addressing it through neville.
    Like Janette – love the video, love your work, love neville – and love you!

  7. Max says:

    This helps so much today. I have a couple situations that I hadn’t really considered as being “cyclical,” but they are, in fact, things that I’ve faced before in different ways. I’m revising! Thank you!

  8. Cope and Joann says:

    My Heartfelt Revision creates MY Persistent Assumption which creates MY Persistently Good Results! As usual I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!!

  9. Daisy says:

    Great. Revising

  10. Llisa says:

    Absolutely wonderful stuff. Thank you every single day.