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Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Success Story is a goodie. “O” had a fantastic breakthrough moment and got great results. Let’s dive in….

“All you need do is know what you want. Construct a scene which would imply the fulfillment of your desire. Enter the scene and remain there.”

“If your imaginal counselor (your feeling of fulfillment) agrees with that which is used to illustrate your fulfilled desire, your fantasy will become a fact. If it does not, start all over again by creating a new scene and enter it. It costs you nothing to imagine consciously!” – Neville Goddard

Dear Mr 2020 and Victoria,

I haven’t been great at getting back to you as you have requested. Apologies!

I would like to give you some feedback on this excellent Manifesting Mastery program I am on. I have used the various techniques given and the eye exercises have helped lighten my moods throughout the day. How can such simple things be so powerful?

More to the point I have now realized that even though I have understood the in my head all about the congratulatory scenes, my imaginings haven’t really done them properly – even though I thought I was…does this make any sense to you?

TT and V Note:  That makes big time sense mate.  Almost every time we do a coaching session with a reader, we find where a tiny tune up – makes a huge difference.  (What “O’ shares next is ROCK SOLID GOLD.)

freeneville_present_tenseFor example as a salesman, I have imagined complex scenarios where this happened and that happened and yes I was thanked and congratulated in the end.

However, whilst listening to one of the lessons in  Manifesting Mastery it suddenly clicked that all I needed was a picture of me holding my phone (through my eyes of course), texting my daily figures into the office and getting a “Wow, that’s fantastic” text back from the boss.

TT AND V NOTE:  Notice how short and sweet and simple this shift was.   And notice how ROCK SOLID the results were.


After ‘Nevellizing’ this scene several times, in one day I equaled my record (which I had set about four years ago) which earnt me more than I have made in a week for nearly a year!

This one day gave me my best week for nearly 12 months! Needless to say I got my text (and a call) from my boss!

By the way, all this happened during a week where I had been sent letters and had phone calls that threatened to make life quite unpleasant for the foreseeable future. I had confided my situation to my boss on the Monday. He then gave me that day off to sort things out. So you can imagine his surprise at my record figures by Wednesday!

Thank you very much for what you do, Mr 20/20 & Victoria! The Manifesting Mastery is worth every penny!

God Bless You

O, from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. yulanda says:

    Great job! I also wonder if i am doing things right. My take away from this is to simplify my scenes. Please keep ys posted on your success.