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Real Life Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

“I tell you, in a way that you do not know, and you could not possibly devise, you will be led across a bridge of incident to the fulfillment of that state. All you have to do is ignore the evidence of your outer senses and go about your own wonderful business assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Your assumption, instead of receding into the past, will advance into the future and you will walk right into its fulfillment.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Many times it seems as if it’s the darkest, right before the dawn.   Sometimes things need to get a bit more complicated – before they get simple again.

For the past six days, the photo you see here was my work station.   That’s an ipad, with an external key board, that works off of a pretty slow signal in the mobile phone network.   I love our garden, and I love working online, but this was far from the ideal combination.

“How the heck did I manifest that?”

For the past 3 years, I’ve been asking our old internet provider to replace the line that brings the internet to our home.  Almost anytime it rained a bit or the wind blew too heavy – the net slowed down or stopped completely.   As you can imagine, we got frustrated at times.

The main problem was, our internet service was being provided by a company called iiNet, and the physical lines are owned by another company called Telstra.   So every time I called, iiNet made us go through about a dozen phone calls, to determine if our equipment was okay, then they promised to send out a technician of theirs, usually within four days to see what the problem REALLY was, and then – if they determined it was the line, they said would contact Telstra – who owned the physical cable.

The problem was, every time a iiNet technician visited – the problem was over.  No new line, because there was no problem to document.

“This is way too complicated….”

So finally while still with iiNet – Victoria and I made two decisions:

  • We have the best internet service in Australia.  (We imagined that.)
  • We are also switching to Telstra.  (We made some phone calls.)

We thought we did this, because it made sense.  If the line is owned by Telstra, why not use Telstra for the service too, that way if there is ever a problem – ONE phone call should be all it takes to get things done.

Meanwhile, after our imaginal act…

The last 6 weeks we were with iiNet, everything was PERFECT.    It was the best it ever was.  No drops in service.   And it stayed fast – for adsl.  But when we went to switch to Telstra, things got a bit stressful.   Three times they changed the date of the installation.    Finally, they settled on the 27th of November – which is tomorrow.

But for some reason…

On the 20th of November, there was a knock on the door, a technician from Telstra told us he got an unusual order to connect us up TODAY.   One week early.  That’s cool.   He commented about how odd that was, but he did what it took to transfer the old adsl line from iiNet, to Telstra – and told us we would be up and running within the hour.

We weren’t.  Not good.

So we called Telstra, our new internet provider and asked what’s up.   That’s when they told us we would be connected up on the 28th.   Even though the line was connected, and even though they promised us no down time – we were looking at being off line for 8 days.  Not good.  Not happy with Telstra.  Remember, we were manifesting the BEST internet in Australia.  And now we had none.

That’s when things got VERY interesting.

A man who was lost and needed help saw me outside and stopped to ask for directions.  And for some reason, I ranted to him a bit.   Never did I experience “service” like this.   Never in my life.   And that’s when he said:

“Why are you going with Telstra Adsl?  You have FAST cable internet going right past your house here.”

I was floored.   He showed me that there were two cable internet systems going right past our house, and with cable our internet would be 2 to 5 times as fast – for the same cost.   (Good fun!)

So, we made 2 phone calls in the morning (Friday) and on Tuesday afternoon, we now have HIGH SPEED cable internet through Optus.

Lessons Learned:   Remember what Neville says.  We could have NEVER devised “how” all this was going to happen.   All we could do is imagine having THE BEST INTERNET – and play the part we were drawn to play.   So when you are imagining – go to the end.

“We have the best internet in Australia”.

If things went smooth with Telstra, we would have had the same slow internet.   Obviously not what we imagined and obviously not what we wanted.    We would have had easier customer service, but we wouldn’t really have what we chose.   But since I was outside, letting off some steam….

A stranger stopped, and asked me for directions, at least that’s why he thought he was stopping by.   The real reason he stopped by is that he had a part to play because of our imaginal act.  His “job” was to tell us we had what we really wanted, going right by the house, and to tell us who to call about it.

How can you apply this in your life today?

Where have you been feeling it real – and trying to control the “how” it happens?

Go to the end, Follow-The-Formula, and keep the faith when things get a little nuts.  Sometimes they do, and that’s okay.   Sometimes that is part of the bridge of incident.

We love living in the end.   We couldn’t have imagined up the problems with the new company, and we couldn’t have imagined up the stranger stopping by – those were part of the bridges of incident – part of the plan.

This is how Feel It Real works.   Dive in, Follow-The-Formula, remain faithful, ignore APPEARANCES and GET WHAT YOU WANT.

You are so worth it.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“No one knows how or when it will happen, but it will. You will find yourself walking across some bridge of incident that you did not consciously devise, which takes you to your freedom – whatever that end may be.” – Neville Goddard

Stop Struggling….

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  1. Cameron A R Bond says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing TT.

  2. GG says:

    Very cool!…. the tricky part is staying cool thru the process. If only we could bottle “patience” !! Thanks for sharing these great results 🙂

  3. Karl Amacher says:

    Real encouraging story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

  4. Shivangi says:

    Awesum story sir..i truely truely believe in neville..but sumtyms people use imagination for their heartiest desire n dey dont manifest wat dey there sum exception for dis law..or dey r not doing it ryt..plz answer sir

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Shivangi,

    We keep noticing that it works as long as you actually follow the formula.

    Most people don’t. Sometimes, they get part of it, but then they stop. Or they mix Neville in with something that they THINK is just like Neville, but actually stops it dead in its tracks. Or they dig up the seed with doubt, or looking for signs. We have heaps of articles on that.

    That’s why we do what we do Shivangi. This works, we have HEAPS of success stories ourselves. And heaps on the site. Keep diving in. We are imagining you sharing with us your success stories!

    Big love and blessings!

    TT and V

  6. Loved the very detailed story as it really helped me see each step. Thanks so much. Happy internet surfing!

  7. Shivangi says:

    Yes..dats y love neville n his work..following d formula is just living in the end n persisting no matter wat…thnkyou twenty twenty..loads of blessings to u too..:)

  8. Much gratitude 2020 for such a timely reminder that we need to keep our eye on that '8 Ball' and withdraw our 'investment' in what's happening now!
    Applicable to my relationship right now and a beautiful exercise in living faith.
    Thank you,

  9. Susan Gutt says:

    Fantastic! For all of us. If you were without service for 8 days, we would all be sitting at our computers thinking we had a problem because your very regular and awaited emails were't coming through.

    A great lesson in the interconnected ness of all of us (although seemingly strangers). Thanx TT and Victoria. I love you both.

  10. Daisy Boo says:

    Yes that's how it works

  11. Lisa says:

    Love this! And it brings up a question I’ve wondered about. You mention being outside having a bit of a rant, letting off some steam. I agree this is necessary and healthy. But how does it fit in with manifesting what you feel…? If you’re feeling frustration, are you blocking the “fastest internet in Australia”? Does the momentum of your previous feeling-it-real override that momentary rant? Looking forward to your insight. Thanks!

  12. Karen says:

    Wow, i am always amazed at how this works, what a brill example and timing is so relevent at the moment in keeping the faith, thank you to you both

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Excellent question Lisa.

    It’s like eating a meal. The meal itself might be excellent, but if the 3 year old at the next table disturbs you for a second or two – no big deal. It is possible to let the 3 year old “ruin” the meal, but as we all know, it’s us that actually lets the “upset” ruin the meal.

    The key is, notice what Neville teaches. He says in quite a few lectures that his friends or people that get close to him say that “he can’t be what he claims”, because he drinks, gets upset etc. It’s human to get upset. But to let the upset fester and infect – that’s the choice.

    Blessings to you Lisa!

    TT and V

  14. Denis O'Brien says:

    All good Twenty, like that one!

  15. Nat says:

    Thanks for this story TT & V. Really brings it home, especially on the heels of yesterday’s article.
    Love to you both as always!

  16. Harsha says:

    Very nice. I just experienced something similar here in Taipei. I’m staying in this apartment and one of the others here said the wi-fi doesn’t work and is very poor connectivity. And sure enough, holding consciousness of that I experienced the same. However, a few minutes later I imagined a strong wi-fi signal and logging in. Yeah, no problem got my connection and it’s working well enough for everything I need. And it’s been good all the while I’ve been here but the other guy who’s been here longer just couldn’t get it to work and started to work of his mobile phone connection. So I’m fine here with the wi-fi working well for me. This was also true of the light in the room, the other guy couldn’t get it to work (: but he’s nice and he got me a spare lamp 🙂 but after I imagined it working very briefly and hey yeah it works just fine now.
    By the way 20/20, you could’ve considered an unlimited mobile data scheme – they’re surprisingly fast. This other guy in the apartment uses them to game with buddies in New Zealand. So it must be good. Anyway, you’ve got it all sorted now so it doesn’t matter.

  17. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for this very detailed success story! While reading it, whatever little question or curiosity was arriving in my mind…you seemed to answer it in the very next paragraph. I needed to read this today. Thank you!
    “Keep the faith when things get a little nuts. Sometimes they do, and that’s okay. Sometimes that is part of the bridge of incident.”
    “No one knows how or when it will happen, but it will. You will find yourself walking across some bridge of incident that you did not consciously devise, which takes you to your freedom – whatever that end may be.” – Neville Goddard
    really stayed with me.
    And surely made me ‘stop struggling’!

  18. Dennis says:

    That’s good to know! There are times that I’ve gotten frustrated and I’ve always thought afterwards if those rants or times of doubt put you back to square one with your end result. Apparently not. Great to know even the experts have their moments! Thanks TT

  19. Lisa says:

    Great story! So… I thought I would help some folk out at Christmas by giving them money. I have been imagining a full bank account; very full, overflowing with money. What do you think?

  20. Felicity says:

    Thanks for sharing because it really has reminded me (again) that I am still getting caught in the “how”… Especially when I can’t “see” something happening. So really need to pay more attention when I get caught in the “how” so I can allow it to happen…

  21. Karen Sinclair says:

    Loved this story. Thank you for sharing it.

  22. Theodora says:

    Great post again TT&V! Congrats!!!

    I love very much the moment Neville says to remain faithful and ignore appearances to get what you want or when he says that we should Go to the end, Follow-The-Formula, and keep the faith when things get a little nuts. Sometimes they do, and that’s okay. Sometimes that is part of the bridge of incident”!!

    I can assure that this has happened to me a lot of times before the actual manifestation of many thins that I now enjoy by only applying Neville’s teachings!!!

    Thank you again TT&V! You are doing amazing work and your site is fantastic!

  23. Mario says:

    Thank you Mr. TT for sharing. How do we apply this strategy to money? 🙂

  24. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mario!

    Let us know how you do it. There are heaps of strategies on the site, all can be applied to your personal situation. But you’ve got to “wiggle those strategies” in, in your own unique way.


  25. Llisa says:

    HEY T- and year later and here I am reading this again fresh, as it circles through my mail. And it is as relevant and helpful as day one.
    I especially love it when you break things into a personal story, whether your own or one of ours, and work the process that way.
    it is so helpful and applicable.

    Love this.
    Love you.
    Love Neville.