Reader Success Story and The Neville Goddard Week In Review – Happy Mother’s Day Edition

Hey mate,

Let’s start with a quick readers testimonial and success story – share a very quick mother’s day lesson, and the Neville goddard Week in Review.   This week’s Success Story begins:

Free Neville GoddardAfter listening to your Visualization Secrets and bringing your imaginings into the present, I manifested a 2k week! It was so nice to be able to buy myself a nice outfit for the girls HS banquet tonight. I had weeded out my closet about 2 months ago and donated all of it to good will. That’s why I had nothing other than tennis clothes to wear. It was just time to lose the clothes I didn’t wear. The clothing I purchased I really like and sets a new feeling for me. Enough about clothes. So, I have reached a new state within the desired state. Along with new state I had a funy new experience. When speaking to a friend and really tuning into the story being told about his mother, I suddenly saw her. I even got her birthday “downloaded”. I told him my perceptions of his mother and asked if she was born in August. After he said “yep” and how do you know that, I asked if her birthday was the 14th. Again I was right. I just told him that this is new for me and that I was just tuned in. What do you think?” – Judy

Visualization Secrets

Thank you for the great share Judy.  Neville reminds us that the reason we can manifest and create change in our lives is that we are greater than any state, it is through the imagination that we are – that we are one with God.  As you remember and realize this, experiences like yours become more and more common – since in spirit and truth – we are one through God.  Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, and thank you for your share and testimonial.

Let’s dive into the Neville Goddard Week in Review

First, how one reader ACCIDENTALLY manifested a NEW CAR – for her neighbor.   If you have been seeing people AROUND you getting your blessings instead of you, you might want to take a few notes on this one. Seeing At A Distance reminds us why we need to stick with what works, and completely learn the real basics of Neville’s work, because they do work.

Learning how to visualize the way Neville did can be a challenge for some folks at first.   In Help Me Visualize we share a tiny little exercise that will help you experience exactly what Neville did when he visualized, and how to get the results he got – effortlessly.

Finally, learning the truth about Detachment.  How exactly did Neville teach and use detachment?   A must read, because you don’t want to get this one wrong.   Neville Goddard on Detachment.

Have an amazing day mate, and thank you for being a member of our amazing Neville Goddard community.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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