Prosperity Power #1 – Special Live Show With…

Hey mate,

Enjoy this special show we did with Marie Benard on Prosperity Power.

There are some fantastic moments during this show, where we show how easy and how fun you can make a Feel It Real session, and there are heaps of Rock Solid Gold nuggets tossed in as they came up.

And notice how powerful becoming infinitely curious is, and the Power of Possibility Thinking.

Have fun,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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4 Comments on "Prosperity Power #1 – Special Live Show With…"

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  1. Zarah says:

    What a most enjoyable hour, how lovely of you to share this, fantastic & thank you!!!

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    We’ve got another one coming SOOOON!

  3. Tim says:

    That’s great TT, looking out for more talks with Marie, they latch into that ‘catching’ something situation you mentioned in the interview, and I just wanted to say a big “ME TOO!” and identify with Marie’s problem of going into a session and getting way sidetracked with the problem solving thing!

    I have a beautiful house called Cabana in my mind, I have the plans I have worked on right here in front of me, I go there in my sessions and I love the feeling – my home, secure, new, bright and full of light… and then I start wondering what blinds I would put up at that huge picture window, and then where would I put the stereo speakers (I’m a mad audiophile!) and of course what about the laundry room, damn it I haven’t designed a laundry room!!! Hah!

    When Marie got to that part in the interview I just fell about laughing – I’m not alone!! Maybe she’s a Capricorn list maker and problem solver like me! 🙂 And watching you do a quick session right there in person solved the problem for me! 1. Get in the place akin to sleep (I call it the Zone); 2. Have the visualisation and maybe a bit of congratulatory chat; 3. Get the feeling and love it; 4. Get out! Don’t spend too long in there if you are prone to bringing in complications! I smile happily to myself as I come out (just as I noticed you do!) – because the job is done and I can choose to worry about what blinds go where when I am decorating the actual physical house!! 🙂

    Thats great watching you go straight in and do it – anyone can do that as often as they like without getting side tracked into the monkey mind stuff – just do the session and let it go from that place of ‘knowing’ – it’s done! Love it 🙂

  4. Aurora says:

    I really enjoyed this video – thanks for sharing your stories and teachings. It’s wonderful to have so many videos to watch and learn from!!