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Poverty Programming – Free Neville Goddard

“You must define the one you would like to be instead of the one you truly are in secret. With this aim clearly defined, you must, throughout your conscious waking day, notice your every reaction in regard to this aim.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

zippyToday we are going to explore “stuff that blocks money”. You are going to notice solid gold in this lesson, and it might be one of the most powerful ones you have learned from us so far.

Today I took “Zippy”, my new used car in for a repair. Zippy has developed a small coolant leak, and I’ve learned that it’s best to take care of things like this early – because they are much more affordable then.

And I got to notice something – sometime ago – I manifested a new me, one that is much more open to money.

Because when I was younger, I took my old car in for a repair – and I noticed some old programming show up. The old programming was from when I was a poor kid growing up, and it was haunting me YEARS LATER. It went something like this.

“Never go to a repair shop – dressed well. Because if they think you make good money, they will take advantage of you. They will charge you more. And besides, good people cut poor people breaks. So maybe you should “dress down” a bit.”

So back then, on that fateful day – I had a choice to make. I could manifest a cheap repair (and stack the odds in my favor by dressing down.

Note: I also could have just manifested a “cheap repair” because that is all I asserted I could afford. (I noticed then – that THAT program showed up HEAPS in my life.)

So instead…

“I did what Neville taught.  I didn’t just focus on the immediate “thing” I wanted (cheap repair).  Instead, I assumed the state of the man that I truly wished to be. The man who knows that basically – most every business man is honest. The man who is thankful to have found an honest business man – who charges a fair fee – so that his customers are happy – and his family is well fed and taken care of.”

In other words – I chose to manifest a much more empowered and mature “me”, by also manifesting a much more empowered and mature business man (the auto shop man) to do business with.

So today, as I dropped Zippy off at the garage – I gave thanks for that old programming being put to rest, and I gave thanks that I found again – yet another honest and professional man to do business with.

This next bit just might change your ENTIRE LIFE – so give it your full attention.

BONUS TAKE AWAY:  This not only makes me feel more at peace with knowing I have to spend some money today, but it also makes me more comfortable as a business man. Knowing I do my best to serve my readers and coaching clients professionally, but also charge them a fair price – one that is affordable – one that treats me well too.

Having this kind of programming active in your life – changes what you choose to manifest – and makes it easier to manifest more and more money.   Think about it – being obsessed about manifesting “a cheap fix” could also be reinforcing your “poor me” programming.

How an you apply this lesson today and have more money?

  • Do as Neville says – focus on what generates wealth in your life. Notice when you are “praying for cheap because you are poor” – and put that to rest.  You don’t have to manifest a “poor you” anymore – to be cut a break.
  • Notice associated programming that’s in there too. As long as I presupposed that “successful business people take advantage of others”, I was limiting my success – because I was blocking “me being a successful business man” – because I wanted to be a “good guy”.

Choose to eliminate the poverty programming in your life – and work with those who have done it – so you can do the same.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


My new mechanic that I manifested by working through my poverty programming (see how I did that above), had Zippy all day Friday. Worked on him for over an hour, had him hooked up to the pressure tester machine etc… And couldn’t order the right parts from Volkswagen to fix him up to spec. So they replaced two seals with what they had “laying around the shop”.

He told me to drive it over the weekend, and watch for leaks. And that those seals might work. Well, those two seals worked perfectly. No leaks, lots of running around over the weekend. I went in today to pay, and he told me that it was FREE OF CHARGE, since they couldn’t order the spec parts. Zippy runs perfectly, no leaks, and I have a new mechanic. All because I manifested “a new me” who is okay with business people, mechanics – and not focused on “a cheap deal – because I can’t afford an expensive repair. It’s amazing what happens, when you truly focus on where the most loving and powerful change can take place.

Like Neville says, “who is the man” you choose / desire to be? I chose to not manifest a cheap repair – but instead to manifest wealth for everyone, by assuming the state of the man I choose to be.  This enabled the mechanic to get a new life long customer, and it has enabled me to be a much more fully awake human being (and get my car serviced for free.)  This stuff is amazing, all you have to do is Follow The Formula.

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PS: It’s all about eliminating Poverty Programming (and all the sneaky forms it takes) (that’s where articles like this and coaching helps) and following the Prosperity Formula of Neville Goddard.

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  1. Mitch says:

    I learned to be poor. I recently realized that all of my poverty mindsets are from other peoples beliefs that i adopted when i was younger. I am now fighting a battle to relinquish these ancient beliefs and manifest the life i know i am destined to have. As a sidebar i recently ran across some pictures i have from a long time ago and wondered to myself if i should get rid of them since by clinging on to them i am living in the past and identifying with a persona i no longer choose to be. i.e. serving two masters sort of.

  2. Lisa Brackenreg says:

    Yes. This occured to me fairly recently after I did a review of where I was at; AFRAID to spend in case I didn’t have enough. ACTIVELY SEEKING the cheapest option, thus REINFORCING POVERTY thinking which (surprise, surprise) continues to show up and helps to KEEP ME POOR! The next question was which parent/family member was I imitating?

  3. Sasha says:

    Thank you

  4. uccello1983 says:

    do you suggest one should never look for a deal? If something is overpriced in one store but less expensive online, should one NOT buy it online because it reinforces poverty programming? Some of the wealthiest people I know are very cheap! How did they get rich if they are always looking for deals?

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    I love deals mate. So do the richest people I know. But they can “accept a deal” without out it implying that THAT is the only way they can afford it. Wait till you see the update on this article. It’s gonna blow your socks off.

  6. valvacious says:

    Great post. Excellent demonstration. You succeed again in getting my praise Mr.20/20.

    He imagined a situation where there was a WIN-WIN for both sides. There was no imagining him “getting something for nothing”, just a situation that was FAIR to both parties.

    That type of situation is what we need to Imagine in life in ALL our endeavors. It will make for a better world when people feel they are getting treated and compensated FAIRLY with the utmost respect.

    Imagine from John Lennon
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one