Plus I Got My Dream Car – Neville Goddard Success Story

Good day Mr TT and Victoria,

I am so happy and at the same time so overwhelmed by what just happened.

I always wanted to own a certain model of car for many years and few years ago I change into another model. Now that I am doing the 90 Manifesting Mastery training I learned not to be too specific about things and just feel and see through my own eyes. I did few sessions and I see my hand on the steering wheel driving my new car. I also see my new car parked in my parking space.

Yesterday, I called the salesman who sold me my other car and told him that I wanted to change my van into something smaller and good on gas, so he told me he had a car that will suit my present situation and to call him when I was ready to come and see it.

This morning I was prompted to call him and went to see the car. The car that he showed me was ok, but I didn’t really pay attention too it before because I thought it may be too much for my budget.

b200It was so amazing, everything the financing, the monthly payment and insurance on the car fit my budget and plus I got my dream car a Mercedes B200.

This truly works.

Thank you a million for Neville and you guys teaching. My life is changing in front of my eyes. Mr TT your way of explaining Neville and making things so simple to understand is awesome.

Thank you for who you are and for the work you do.

My friend was with me and she couldn’t believe it. But she bared witness to what happened and she promised to get on the learning of Neville.

I am going to get my car tomorrow.

The God that I am Is awesome.

Thank you and blessings. and you can share this to help others continue on this amazing journey of discovering who we truly are.

PS: The sales person from the car dealership called me after receiving the answer from the bank and said “CONGRATULATIONS” you got the car… I have been feeling it real for my promotion and 1st got the car, now I continue working on my promotion.

Suzanne from Manifesting Mastery
Lesson 38

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