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Please Help. I need help visualizing. Free Neville Goddard Quote.

“Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing Neville’s knowledge. You have helped me realize many little things I was overlooking and have helped me grow spiritually, and for that I am truly grateful.”

“Here is my problem, when I visualize I usually see myself, not see from my POV. This has got me stumped. Visualizing (seeing movies of me) comes farely easy to me.”

“I have had many intense feel it real sessions that have made me cry with joy, but I cannot seem to be able to SEE  from my own eyes. I just can’t seem to get it.”

“Do you have any pointers that can help me? I have this inner feeling,more like knowing, that a breakthrough is extremely close and I believe that this is the final adjustment I need to make in order to make that dream come to pass.” – Sam

Wrong - I see me in the car.

If I see my body in the car, I am NOT feeling it real.

Hi Sam,

To strengthen your ability to see through your own eyes while Feeling It Real (the most powerful and effective position), we have a tiny little WAY COOL exercise that we share in our workshops.

Here is the first part of it, you can do anytime – anywhere!

Inside your mind…

  1. Make an image of your kitchen. Now put your body in the image – in the kitchen.  Now take it out and see only the kitchen.
  2. Make an image of your living room. Now put your body in the image – in the living room.  Now take it out and see only the living room.
  3. Make an image of a car or a bicycle. Now see your body next to it. Now see your body operating it. Now take it out, and see only the car or the bicycle.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Doing the images in that sequence, with something that you don’t have a strong emotional attachment to – will build up your “mind muscles”, so that you will more effectively see through your own eyes in your Feel It Real Sessions.

Often this leads to a breakthrough moment.

So play heaps with this and HAVE FUN!

“The difference will be appreciated if you will now visualize yourself (see your body) climbing a ladder. Then, with eyelids closed imagine that a ladder is right in front of you and FEEL YOURSELF ACTUALLY CLIMBING IT.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_quote_the_ladder_lessonThe key with this exercise is to do it exactly in the order we share, and to do it with what you currently have available in your life, and with parts of your life where there is not a huge emotional feeling.

That way, you build the nuero pathways gently.

Have fun feeling it real!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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PPS: This tiny little exercise is very powerful. It builds neuropathways inside the mind that help you see from the most powerful position, the first person position.

If you found it useful, click the link below and listen to the recording. The first 9 minutes are a gift to you, if you benefit from them, get the whole recording. It will continue to give you great insights and tools to help you realize your ideal.

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  1. Viv says:

    Thank you, Twenty! This sounds like a great way to get stretch our visualization muscles. I’ll try it tonight! 🙂

  2. Jeff Desmond says:

    Interesting idea…

    I wonder if all these sub $20 virtual reality headsets used with smartphones will revolutionize visualizing?

    Similar to mind movies I suppose.

    Anyone tried them?


    • Mr Twenty Twenty says:

      Why would it?

      I don’t get it mate….

      It’s like saying since we have television, we’d be better at manifesting than those who had radio….

  3. MrsGwennD says:

    REALLY good advice.