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Paul’s Newest Success Story

Hey mate,

We just LOVE when the Neville Goddard Lifestyle takes over another person’s life. So far, we’ve published FOUR success stories from Paul, who finished up Manifesting Mastery back in October. He just keeps KEEPING THE FAITH and diving deeper into Feel It Real, and he is ROCKING THE HOUSE.

Let’s dive in.

Don’t just listen to it, but try it. You are the operant power; it doesn’t operate itself. And so when I know what I should do, well, then, I do it! Go to sleep tonight. All right, how am I sleeping? In what state of consciousness am I sleeping? As someone who is unwanted? All right, then I’ll rise tomorrow to find myself unwanted. Ignore the facts of life and assume that you are wanted. Ignore the facts of life and assume that you are affluent, and see how things work in your world. It will all come your way. You are creating out of a power that is infinite, and you don’t need any contacts in the world. You don’t need to know the right people or anything else in the world. All you need to know is Christ, and Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination! What else do you need to know but Christ! – Neville Goddard

Dear TT and V,

Merry Christmas!

I had to share with you a recent story: I had a feeling the day before Thanksgiving, that someone was very sick and about to die. I kept imagining it all being OK, but this feeling wouldn’t go away.

Well, the next day my mom told me that my aunt was in emergency surgery on Thanksgiving and that it was pretty dangerous. She had developed an abscess in her back. I imagined getting word that she was OK. I got an email saying that the surgery went well and she was going to be fine.

Then I got word that things had turned for the worse, she developed a second infection. She recovered. Then it got even worse: her kidneys had shut down because of the massive dose of antibiotics and it didn’t look good at all.

I kept imagining her being OK and getting word that she was fine. I told my mom that miracles happen every day and that we have to imagine her being well. After a month she is out of the hospital and is in a rehab center. Her infection is clear, her kidneys have started functioning and she hasn’t lost much weight at all despite all she’s been through.

2015-09-06 15.22.30My grand uncle (not sure if that’s the right word, but my grandmother’s brother) is getting up there in years and I talked to him yesterday. He said he had developed headaches and that he has never had headaches in his entire life.

I could hear in his voice that he was worried. I said to him, “Well, if they just mysteriously appeared, they just might go away.” and I, just then, imagined him being well. I heard something change in his voice when he said, “OK”. Something tells me he won’t have any more headaches. 😉

Things just keep getting better.

Personally, I literally feel younger and someone who I hadn’t seen in a while said I was looking great. He noted how my rosacea was almost gone (he’s a doctor, psychiatrist) and asked if I was using a cream or something. I said that I discovered it was psychosomatic. He didn’t bat an eye and said he was glad.

I am sending many blessings your way.

Thank you!

Paul – Manifesting Mastery Graduate – October 2015

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  1. Nat says:

    Thank you Paul. Your share has given me encouragement at just the right time.