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Hey mate,

We all know that changing your inner world – changes your outer world – that’s why you are here. The problem is – most people aren’t really aware of what’s happening in the “inner world” of imagination, and even if you are – odds are you aren’t doing EXACTLY what it takes – to take your life off of unconscious AUTOPILOT – so you don’t blindly follow sneaky subtle patterns and programming you got growing up.

Paul’s success story – below – is fantastic. Notice how much his life has shifted – by investing just a few minutes a day – doing exactly what we shared with him. Let’s dive in.

“See the world as nothing more than yourself pushed out and everything in it as aiding the birth of your imagination, for the behavior of the world relative to you determined by the concept you hold of yourself! It doesn’t really matter what your individual personal life is, the whole vast world is yourself pushed out and everyone in it is there to aid the birth of all of your imaginal acts.”

“Regardless of whether it takes one or one hundred thousand, everyone will play his part, and you don’t have to ask his permission for your world is animated by your own wonderful human imagination.” – Neville Goddard

July 31, 2015

neville_goddard_1948_lectures_feel_it_realHi TT and V,

Where do I begin?

First, visiting family this week with two fundamentally negative parents. My dad is treating my mom better and she says that changed when I arrived.

Both his and her negativity just roll right off of me. I also see it from a distance. I didn’t realize how many of their patterns I had adopted in the past. Those are waning away.

TT AND V NOTE: We hear this all the time, and that’s why we have so many success stories here. When you do what it takes to become more and more aware of your inner world – first – manifesting becomes much much easier and much more effective.

I have long had a romantic interest who I didn’t think returned the feelings. I told him I was in town and didn’t get a text back. I kept telling myself, this does not mean what I imagine it to mean. I heard from him the next day.

TT and V Note: Every day, all day, most people instead of using their imagination to CREATE what they want, are using it instead to add MEANING onto what they notice in the physical world. Paul dove into the Manifesting Mastery drills – and put an end to that with one of them. And notice – how FAST he got results.

Even after I figured out that NEWS was just propaganda, I was addicted to it and kept watching. I now have NO desire to even watch it. I turned it on for about 2 minutes today and had no interest. I turned off the TV and worked on monologues for acting class. (speaking of class, my romantic interest sat right next to me which is something I thought would be nice to happen). All through the improv section of class, I noticed the improvised scenes were as I was imagining them.

TT AND V NOTE: This was us years ago. We swore we didn’t have time to “feel it real”. We were too busy. Then we woke up. Everyone has sneaky hidden addictions – like how Paul had the news. When you become more and more aware of your inner world, like how Paul did, you can’t help but find yourself – stopping your addictions – and dialing up your Feel It Real sessions. Good on you Paul!

lovely_emmettI feel much lighter. I feel younger. I actually look younger. I used to have rosacea, a case so bad the dermatologist said it was the worst she had ever seen. It’s 99% gone. I told myself, “this roscacea does not mean what I imagine it to mean.”

TT and V Note: High Five mate! Good on you. This stuff works!

I combined this week’s manifesting lessons with what I learned from the Feel it Real pack.

I also noticed how many things in my life I once wished for or thought or said, “It would be nice if….” and some of the negative things from when I misused my imagination for worry and negative thinking that eventually came true.

My entire perspective of my life and the world has changed. Life feels very exciting. Be well.

Paul – Manifesting Mastery – Day 7

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  1. Joel says:

    T T & V, As always thanks for sharing these success stories, always good reminders and lovely to wear as my own. Speaking of not watching the news, it’s been eleven plus years now since I have watched or listened to the news. I wasn’t much of a news watcher even before the moment I decided – no more. I would offer this challenge to anyone interested in enjoying their life of inner peace: Experiment turning off the news for at least a month, if not longer. No radio…no TV…no newsprint…no internet news. No news period! You will notice after this hiatus from not being involved as you had been before you won’t have missed anything of importance, not one thing! In fact, you could go to your local library and go back into the eighteen hundreds and look up the headlines and they won’t have been that much different than today’s headlines. Why add more drama to your life when it’s absolutely not necessary? Just experiment and see for yourself what changes take place in your life.

  2. zuma says:

    i keep trying but nothing is happening.. am i missing something. i try feeling it reel.

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Zuma,

    It doesn’t look like you are on the daily emails so we don’t know how long you have been here, what else you are doing, or what you are doing. Generally, we suggest getting on the daily email list, and reading the articles we send out daily.

    If they help you and make you want to go deeper, get some of the packs and ebooks. They are designed to make sure you are doing what it takes – and not doing what stops it dead.

    Blessings mate, good on you for being here. As you can tell, people are doing it – getting results – and changing their lives – BIG TIME.


    TT and V

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Amen Joel.

    News – isn’t – news.

    News – is deadly – to your dreams.


    TT and V

  5. Dennis says:

    Now this always blows me away….

    “Regardless of whether it takes one or one hundred thousand, everyone will play his part, and you don’t have to ask his permission for your world is animated by your own wonderful human imagination.”
    So, for example, taken to a larger scale… everyone in your country or anyone else, will play the role that you set in your imagination or whatever your perpetual thoughts are. Like Paul chosing to turn off the news, I think thats what makes the negativity of news and even social media these days so dangerous to maintaining a positive outlook. It’s so extremely easy to get sucked into the drama of the day which then does nothing but perpetuates that line of thinking and moves our imagination in that direction rather than what we actually want.
    I’ve recently had to disengage myself from all that negativity because I realized one day how completely immersed in the news and negative events I had become. It happened so gradually that I didn’t notice it until I was having constant anxiety over it, which is the complete opposite of what I had been and should be doing. This lesson just confirmed for me that I did the right thing. Thanks!

  6. R says:

    thank you Paul for sharing your story. i am an avid news-non watcher and it feels great! i get my daily news from the daily emails sent from this wonderful website and it’s always enlightening, useful and one-the-money.

    thanx & blessings TT & V,

    xoxo R 🙂

  7. R says:


  8. Dennis says:

    Joel, I love your attitude towards “news”! I stopped watching the news a couple years ago myself, only to have it slowly replaced with Facebook news! It creeped in so slowly I didn’t notice it happening. Now I’m going through the arduous chore of dumping all the pages that put out that crap, to include some friends that only post negativity.