Now I can SEE in imagination! Isn’t it Wonderful! – Kimi’s Manifesting Mastery Story

Hey mate,

If you have had ANY problems visualizing, today’s SUCCESS STORY from Kimi is for you.  She’s been playing heaps with the Manfiesting Mastery lessons, asking great questions and then SUDDENLY….


Enjoy her lovely share, and if you feel drawn to the 90 day adventure with us, join us!

“Begin now to practice the art of imagining every day. A concert pianist must constantly practice. for if he does not and he is called upon to give a concert he would not be ready.”

“You must practice the art of imagining day after day so that when you are faced with a problem you will not put it aside, but will do something about it.” – Neville Goddard

Hey TT and V!

What a great week!! Can you say BOOM for me please!

I kept playing and playing with my sessions and I have visual!!!

If you remember I told you I was having trouble with visual, but audio was great. One day recently I noticed, hey! I am seeing! Nice!!! I kept working with sitting in my car and staring at my hands on the steering wheel and I was able to see that for a moment in my sessions but would get this static type of lines and then my mental tv set so to speak would go on the fritz!

No biggie, sound still worked.

But now my monitor is fully operational once again! I don’t know how I blocked it but I did and now I have unblocked it! I know I told you that I wanted to be able to feel and smell in my sessions and I still listen to Neville’s audio lectures daily and heard him speak about imagining holding a baseball, and now a tennis ball and now a piece of silk.

So one day while driving to work…

…I thought of this lecture and tried to imagine what different things that I passed on the commute felt like. It was an amazing experience!! I continue to play with this and smells to get it to come naturally. It has been so much fun. So I did a session about my perfect home and I know that it is on the way. My congratulatory conversation was on a loop that kept playing over and over with a change in a word or two here and there but it was good fun and I opened my eyes and had a huge joker smile on my face!! Lol.

I have found that I have been wanting to learn so much lately.

I find myself listening to lectures all day and never tire of it. It brings me such peace and I am always finding something that I had previously missed. I have so much to learn since I never read the Bible before since I was born and raised Buddhist so it is a new experience for me and I am completely loving the learning and experience of it all!

Thank you so much for all that you both do!

Until next week!!

Kimi C. – Day 49 in Manifesting Mastery

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