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No More Cancer – Manifesting Mastery Success Story

Hi TT and V,

I just want to tell you about some of the things that have happened.

My mother was diagnosed with bone cancer about five years ago. The doctors told here at the time she had about 2-4 years to live. Well, a couple of weeks ago she went to her doctor and he wanted to take x-rays of her bones.

She went and the doctor wants her to re-take the x-rays this month in December. This will be her 3rd set of x-rays but the bottom line is I did a session before her 2nd visit and I did “I Remember When my mother had cancer”

Also, “Mom, isn’t it wonderful that you don’t have cancer” and Revision of her first diagnosis appointment (5 years ago) I did it only once and dropped it.

Well, my mom called about a week and half ago to let me know that the doctor told her that she might not have cancer or that her cancer is very weak. They cannot find any holes in her bones so hence the additional x-rays in December. I am amazed and grateful! I never told her that I did a session for her.

I also did a session for my cousin who has applied for permanent disability. She applied a year ago and was denied. Sometimes it might take 3-4 times of applying and doctor’s visits. She applied again in June/July of this year.

During my session, I saw her in my mind’s eye going to the mail box and receiving an approval letter for disability. I also in my session we celebrated her approval.

Well, this past week right before Thanksgiving she was so worried about not hearing from the state that she called and they normally do not give information over the phone, but this time the man told her she was approved.  Again…..WOW!!! These two things happened within two of weeks of each other.

I find it easy to create/manifest for others.  I put the Law and teachings to the test! Anyway, I never told my mother and cousin about what I did ……. they don’t believe in Neville’s teachings and I have not discussed what I am learning. They would think I am crazy.

Anyway, that is what I have been doing with the teachings and the Law, and almost done with the 90 day Mastering Manifesting program. I know my harvest for me is right around the corner just wondering when. 🙂 I have also been reading Neville’s books and lectures.


Anthony from Manifesting Mastery

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Power Points:

Notice that Anthony used several of Neville’s methods.  We put them in BOLD above.

Notice that Anthony didn’t ask for permission, and he didn’t tell after either.  There is no reason to.  There is only ONE IMAGINATION, one cause.    In Manifesting Mastery you begin to feel this in your bones, not know it in your head.  When you get that – your whole life changes.

And finally, notice that Anthony knows his harvest is right around the corner  – and there is no anxiety around that.   That’s what this level of training and following the formula can do for you.   And having no anxiety – around all those imaginings – makes it so much easier, fun and effective.

Thank you for sharing with us today Anthony.   Seeing you blessed, again and again.  TT and V



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